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antibiotic sensitivity and antibiotic
therapy, microbial physiology and
metabolism, microbial genetics,
acquired and innate immunity
to microbes, wound healing as it
relates to microbial infections, and
the ecological and epidemiological
aspects of microbial growth.
Designed for students in the allied
health professions, marine science
and those intending to go on to
major in other fields in the biological
sciences and health professions.
Environmental Biology
PCB 2030
This course emphasizes man’s
relationship to the environment
and all other living organisms.
Included are population dynamics,
ecosystems, evolution, and pollution.
These principles are used to provide
an understanding of environmental
management and resource
Business Law I
BUL 2241
Business law as part of the
management environment;
common and statutory law, contract
law, agency, and commercial
Business Law II
BUL 2242
Business law as part of the
management environment;
commercial paper, bankruptcy,
business organizations, property,
and government regulations. Three
hours lecture.
ENT 1000
This course provides business
and non-business majors with the
skills necessary to succeed as an
entrepreneur. The fundamentals of
starting and operating a business,
developing a business plan,
obtaining financing, marketing a
product or service and developing
an effective accounting system will
be covered.
Communications and
Intro to Speech Comm
SPC 1608
This course is designed to assist
the student in understanding and
implementing oral communication
skills. Learning is centered in student
participation in a variety of speaking-
listening situations designed to
increase the understanding of the
interpersonal nature of all speech
communication. This Gordon Rule
class has a 6,000 word writing
Computer Science
Intro to Computer
CGS 1100
This course is an introduction to
computers and their applications.
Students will learn to identify the
basic components and devices
that comprise a computer system;
to use the Internet as a source
of information and a means for
communications; and to use
application software packages
(including word processing,
spreadsheet, database management,
and presentation graphics
Intro to Computer Science
CGS 1000C
The primary topics covered in this
course include computer input
and output devices, the processor,
auxiliary storage, file structures, and
data base, data communications,
operating systems, programming
languages, computer history, and
professions in the computer industry.
Students will be introduced to
word processing, data base, and
spreadsheet. The student will also
learn computer programming with
the BASIC language.
Advanced Java Programming
COP 2805
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree.
Advanced Java programming
concepts. Includes applets,
interfaces, packages, properties,
exception handling, native
methods, multimedia mechanisms,
multithreading, and networking
capabilities. Continuation of Java’s
object-oriented features with major
emphasis on class implementation.
Advanced GUI Design using Java’s
AWT Package with major emphasis
on event handling.
Criminal Justice
Crime and Public Policy
CCJ 2107
This course presents an analysis of
various policy initiatives designed
to reduce the level of crime, in
so applying the elements of
criminological theory and research
methods to critically evaluate the
effectiveness of policies.
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