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ECO 2013
Study of the U.S. economy,
including functions of an
economic system, determination
of market prices, measuring the
economy’s performance, causes of
unemployment and inflation, and
government taxation, spending, and
monetary policies.
Dolphin Studies, Ed & Curr
EDG 1030
This introductory program surveys
a wide range of knowledge,
theories and outgoing research
concerning marine mammals, animal
husbandry, operant conditioning
training practices and related issues,
including instruction specific to the
facility and its resident dolphins.
This course offers students a
unique opportunity to gain career
oriented hands-on experience in
dolphin husbandry and training,
including diet preparation; how
to feed, reinforce, and maintain
established behaviors all under the
guidance of accomplished trainers.
Students will reside at the Dolphin
Research Center on Grassy Key.
Course requirements center on
active participation in the course
and passing comprehensive end of
course exam.
EMT Recertification
EMS 1381C
This course is not ordinarily counted
in the Associate in Arts degree. EMT
Recertification course is designed
as a one semester course, 3 credit
hours in length, which will review
and update the knowledge and skills
of Emergency Care for EMTs. The
course follows the US D.O.T. 1994
EMS National Standards Curriculum
as required by Florida Department of
Emergency Medical Services, and the
Florida Department of Education.
English Developmental Writing II
ENC 0025 This course imparts
writing skills necessary to succeed
at the college and university level.
Students learn to support arguments
and demonstrate command of
standard written English. Students
must pass ENC 0025 with a “C” or
higher in order to receive credit.
Upon successful completion,
students may enroll in ENC 1101.
Developmental Writing I
ENC 0015
This course builds writing skills and
the command of standard written
English, including grammar, usage,
and mechanics. Students must pass
ENC 0015 with a “C” or higher. Upon
successful completion, students
enroll in ENC 0025.
English Composition I
ENC 1101
ENC 1101 is a course that emphasizes
accepted standards and techniques
of expository writing, logical
thinking, and reading with literal and
critical comprehension. Students are
expected to write coherent, unified
prose, develop a thesis statement,
arrange main ideas and supporting
details, and use effective vocabulary,
conventional sentence structure, and
standard American English grammar
and usage.
English Composition II
ENC 1102
Expository writing based upon the
close reading and study of selected
examples from fiction, poetry, and
drama. The course emphasizes oral
and written analytical interpretations
which include recognition of the
traditional techniques, forms, and
rhetorical devices used by writers of
fiction and non-fiction. The course
also serves as an introduction to
literature and analytical writing.
Includes a 6,000 word writing
Contemporary US History
AMH 2030
The United States from 1945 to
the present. Emphasis upon the
development of the ColdWar;
polarization into First, Second, and
ThirdWorld, the Korean and Vietnam
conflicts, and the U.S. role in and
response to the decline and fall of
Hist of US, 1876-1945
AMH 2020
The United States from its Centennial
to 1945. Emphasis upon its rise to
World Power status; the political,
social, economic, and cultural forces
used to maintain World Power status;
and the beginnings of the ColdWar.
Human Services
Addictions Counsel & the Law HUS
1470 The rights of the patient in
the therapeutic setting as well as
the legal standards of conduct for a
chemical dependency professional
will be reviewed. Basic principles
of client grievance procedures are
presented. The use of orientation
for client teaching, and assuring the
patient’s rights is discussed. Proper
utilization of informed consent for
treatment and referral is emphasized.
Participants review and discuss
the right of the client to contact
the State of Florida Department of
Health and Rehabilitative Services.
The ethical implications of patient
confidentiality are examined in
HIV/AIDS & the Subs Abuser
HUS 1480
This course provides an overview
of HIV/AIDS pathology, clinical
manifestations and treatment. It
specifically focuses on medical
management and psychosocial
management of HIV/AIDS in the
substance abusing and recovering
population. Local agencies are
invited to enhance the student’s
ability to refer appropriately.
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