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Professional Research Diver

Certificates: Professional Research Diver

A Pathway To:
Scientific Diver

Transfer Institutions:
FKCC Diving Business and Technology
(AAS degree)

Completion of this certificate will prepare students with the tools and techniques for surveying and collecting scientific data underwater in reef, sea grass and mangrove island communities. Students use scuba diving skills and research methodology as applied to the fields of shipwreck archeology, physical oceanography and marine biology. Timbers of a Spanish Galleon, the Neustra Senora de Atocha are located right in our Underwater Training Area. We also have opportunities for training in remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and side scan sonar. Graduates may be qualified to work for research programs.

We are a member of the American Association of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) and train our scientific divers under these guidelines.Completion of the Research Diving certificate and Scuba Rescue and Emergency Medicine (EMS2081C) course meets the requirements for a AAUS Certification.

First Year:


Spring Hours
OCB 1000 Introduction to Marine Biology 3 OCB 2102C Marine Data Collection 4
ISC 2132 Basic Research Diving 4    
Total:  7 Total:  4
Overall total credit hours:       11     

For undergraduate admission to a state university, students must have earned two years of sequential foreign language at the high school level, or complete (with passing grades) at least 8 semester hours at a previous college or university (as required by Florida Statute 240.233).

The courses listed on this sheet are only a guide. Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university. Course requirements may change each year. You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor.

For more information, contact Ms. Lana Sielski at 305-809-3214.