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Associate in Arts - Transfer Plans

Florida Keys Community College’s associate in arts (A.A.) transfer degree is designed for the student who plans to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students spend the first two years at FKCC, where they prepare for hundreds of possible transfer majors, then their last two years at a university.


During their two years at FKCC, students take the same courses that they would take as a freshman or sophomore at a university. That means a student plans his/her program of study around a planned major or career and the state university he/she wants to attend. A student graduates with an A.A. degree from FKCC, transfers to a university, and earns a bachelor’s degree in one of hundreds of different major areas available at the state universities.


A list of popular Associate In Arts Concentrations are found below

The A.A. degree requirements include:

  • 36 credit hours of general education courses and
  • 24 credit hours of university transfer program courses


It is important that a student select appropriate courses in both the General Education and university transfer program areas. A FKCC advisor can assist with course selection, or students can use the on-line system, as detailed in this catalog section.

Link to Catalog

Associate In Arts Degree Transfer Programs

State Universities in Florida offer more than 200 different majors that FKCC students can pursue. Before planning a major, students are advised to:

  • speak with a FKCC advisor
  • consult the catalog or the specific department at the university to which they plan to transfer to confirm which courses they should take at FKCC

Guaranteed Transfer to the State University System

All Florida community college associate in arts graduates are guaranteed certain rights under the statewide Articulation Agreement listed in Florida Administrative Code 6A-10.024. The Articulation Agreement governs the transfer of students from Florida public community colleges to the state university system. Guarantee of university admission does not guarantee admission to a limited access program. In a limited access program, the admissions requirements are more selective and may include a higher grade point average (GPA), higher test scores, auditions and/or portfolios. Selection for admissions to university limited access programs is competitive. However, community college A.A. graduates have the same opportunity to enroll in these programs as students who began at the university.

Foreign Language Requirement

For undergraduate admission to a state university, students must have earned two credits of sequential foreign language at the high school level. If a student did not complete this requirement while in high school, the requirement can be met through successful completion of eight credit hours in one foreign language, or demonstration of proficiency by passing a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) foreign language test. Satisfaction of this university admission requirement may not satisfy a specific university graduation requirement of foreign language for certain majors. Students are encouraged to determine the graduation requirements for the university they plan to attend.

Choosing the Proper Courses to Satisfy University Admission Requirements

All state universities have provided lists of courses that meet admission requirements for each of its majors. These lists, also known as “common prerequisites,” detail the required courses needed in both General Education and university transfer program courses. In order to have each course at FKCC count towards A.A. graduation and facilitate transfer to the desired major at the university, students should target their desired transfer university and major early in their coursework at FKCC. Once a student has identified the university and program, finding the correct courses to take at FKCC can be accomplished by:

Meeting on a regular basis with a FKCC advisor who can track your progress and make sure you are taking the correct courses for your desired university and major or (Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students).