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Commercial and Work Diving

First Year:


Spring Hours
EOC 2711 Diving Technology 4 EOC 2712 Introduction to Surface Air Supplied Diving 3
EOC 2715 Diving Safety 1 EOC 2719 Surface Air Supplied Work Diving Techniques 2
Total:  5 Total:  5
Overall total credit hours:       10   

Certificates: Commercial / Work Diving

A Pathway To:
Commercial Diver
Working Diver

Transfer Institutions:
FKCC Diving Business and Technology
(AAS degree)

Completion of this certificate will prepare students with work and commercial diving techniques including surface air supplied, tethered diving, dry suit diving, AGA mask use, search and recovery and limited visibility diving. Skills can be used to work as a commercial or work diver. What’s the difference? When you work for the government you are a working diver, when you work for a private firm, you are a commercial diver. Either way we train you for it. We have been training government agencies and private engineering companies for over 20 years. Employers utilizing and accepting FKCC working diver training include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, and various state agencies involved in underwater inspection, maintenance, research and light construction.

For undergraduate admission to a state university, students must have earned two years of sequential foreign language at the high school level, or complete (with passing grades) at least 8 semester hours at a previous college or university (as required by Florida Statute 240.233).

The courses listed on this sheet are only a guide. Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university. Course requirements may change each year. You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor.

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