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Lockwood School of Diving

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 The James E. Lockwood Jr. School of Diving is one of the largest facilities dedicated to diving science and technology education. We consider diving a science and not merely a physical education course. Our goal is to have our students apply diving in other academic diciplines such as marine biology, underwater archaeology, mariculture, underwater journalism, photography and other research areas. You can also specialize in diving science and complete an Associate in Applied Science degree in Diving Business and Technology. If you choose a degree in diving or one of our certificate programs you can specialize in five different areas of study. The five areas that have certificates are Professional Dive Instructor, Commercial/Work Diving , Professional Research Diving and Diving Medical Technician. There are also areas of study in Public Safety Diving Students that have finished a degree in diving are now working in all aspects of diving.

You can also participate in our college dive club and explore the reefs with friends. Explore the courses coming up next term and enroll in one the many classes coming up. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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