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Vocational Certificates

Addictions Studies : Business Administration : Microcomputer Application (Computer Programming) : Marine Engineering

Addictions Studies

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These courses are designed for those who are interested in attaining certification from the Florida Certification Board to be Addictions Counselors or for those who have an interest in the addictions or mental health fields. There are no prerequisites for the courses. They are open to anyone, whether or not they wish to seek certification. These courses provide the necessary education hours to apply for the FCB exam to become a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) or a Certified Associate Addictions Professional (CAAP). Hours are divided into counseling and addictions hours. Florida Keys Community College will award certificates of completion to those students who complete 30-credit hours in the program. For those seeking certification, the HIV and Ethics courses are required. The FCB written certification exam may be taken after completion of education hours and one year experience in the mental health or addictions field. Volunteer work may be counted. Students may select specific courses of interest to meet the required education hours for the FCB. Please note that the college does not give the state exam or the certification.  Both are given by the Florida Certification Board.  

Prerequisite Courses for Those Seeking FCB Certification  (6 credits required)
HUS 1400 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (2)
HUS 1480 HIV and the Substance Abuser (1)
HUS 1500 Ethics for Addictions Professional (3)

Career Pathway Courses  (24 credits required)
HUS 1337 Overview of Client Screening, Intake, Diagnostic Assessment and Orientation (1)
HUS 1348 Overview of the Criminal Justice Approach to Chemical Dependency (1)
HUS 1400 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (2)
HUS 1415 Case Management in Human Services (3)
HUS 1421 Assessment and Treatment Planning in Addictions (2)
HUS 1422 Communication Skills Using Therapeutic Communication in Chemical Dependency (1)
HUS 1423 Group Counseling in Substance Abuse (2)
HUS 1424 Counseling the Chemically Dependent Client I (2)
HUS 1426 Counseling the Chemically Dependent Client II (2)
HUS 1443 Family Counseling in Addictions (1)
HUS 1444 Co-dependency (1)
HUS 1450 Dual Diagnosis - Substance Abuse and Other Mental Disorders (1)
HUS 1470 Addictions Counseling and the Law (1)
HUS 1480 HIV and the Substance Abuser (1)
HUS 1481 Multicultural Counseling in Addictions Counseling (1)
HUS 1500 Ethics for Addictions Counselors (3)
HUS 1681 Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse (2)
HUS 2019 Stress Management (2)
HUS 2303 Counseling Theory (3)
HUS 2320 Introduction to Crisis Intervention (3)
HUS 2460 relapse Prevention (1)
HUS 2482 Issues of Intimacy/Sexuality in Addictions Counseling (1)
HUS 2930 Course Review and Exam Preparation (1)

Total Credits Required: 38

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Business Administration

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This program is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to start, operate, maintain, and improve their own firm. Entrepreneurs face unique challenges; some 70% see their ventures fail by the third year. This program, therefore, trains participants to be expert generalists, competitive, creative, and flexible enough to succeed in a volatile market. The schedule and duration of this certificate program are tailored to the demands of business employees and owners. Participants are expected to apply small business techniques in both hypothetical and real operations. Certificate courses can be applied to the AAS Business Adminstration degree program.

Core Requirements (12 credits required)
SBM 1001 Franchising (1)
SBM 1101 Organization of the Small Business (1)
SBM 1102 Time Management for Entrepreneurs (1)
SBM 1103 Buying and Selling the Small Business (1)
SBM 1110 Books and Records Management in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1121 Financing the Small Business (1)
SBM 1122 Pricing and Income in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1123 Cost Control in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1131 Insurance Needs and Risk Management in Small Business (1)
SBM 1132 Taxing the Small Business (1)
SBM 1141 Working With the Public (1)
SBM 1142 Advertising, Marketing and Promotion in the Small Business (1)
SBM 1143 Effective Selling in Small Business (1)
SBM 1151 Human Relations and Hiring Practices (1)
SBM 1161 Regulations and Legal Problems in Small Business (1)
SBM 1171 Computers for the Small Business (1)

Electives (18 credits required)
ACG 2021 Financial Accounting (3)
BUL 2241 Business Law I (3)
BUL 2242 Business Law II (3)
CGS 1000C Introduction to Computer Science (3)
CTS ---- Microcomputer Software (3)
FIN 1000 Principles of Finance (3)
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities (3)
MAR 2011 Principles of Marketing (3)
MKA 1021 Salesmanship (3)
SBM 2000 Small Business Management (3)
STA 2023 Introduction to Probability & Statistics I (3)

XXX 2949 Cooperative Education (3)

Total Credits Required: 30

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Microcomputer Application (Computer Programming)

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This certificate program is designed to provide students with proficiency in the application of microcomputers to a wide variety of tasks and to enhance the students' employability in computer-related jobs or increase effectiveness at current jobs. Certificate courses can be applied to the AS Computer Programming and Analysis degree.

Core Requirements (21 credits required)
CGS 1000C Introduction to Computer Science (3)
CGS 1550 Introduction to the World Wide Web (3)
COP 1170C BASIC Programming (3)
COP 1220 Introduction to C Programming (3)
CTS 1261 Microsoft Excel (3)
CTS 2101 Microsoft Windows (3)
CTS 2750C Microsoft Works (3)
QMB 1001 Business Math (3)

Electives (9 credits required)

Total Credits Required: 30

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Marine Engineering (Marine Propulsion)

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This program is designed for those students who want training in marine gasoline and diesel engines without immediately pursuing the Associate in Science degree. The certificate is issued by the Marine Engineering Department and attests to the completion of the courses outlined below. These courses may also apply to the A.S. degree in Marine Engineering if a student later decides on that option. Program duration is one (1) calendar year.

Gasoline Engines (9 credits required)
MTE 1053C 2 & 4-Cycle Outboard Engine Repair & Maintenance (3)
MTE 1166C Marine Ignition and Fuel Systems (3)
MTE 2072C Marine Propulsion Gasoline Engine Troubleshooting (3)

Diesel Engines (12 credits required)
MTE 1001C Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul (3)
MTE 1056C Marine Diesel Systems (3)
MTE 2058C Diesel Engine Testing Troubleshooting Procedures (3)
MTE 2160C Diesel Fuel Injection Systems (3)

Program Core (Choose 4)
MTE 1183C Marine Engine Installation and Repowering Procedures (3) |
MTE 1400C Applied Marine Electricity (3)
MTE 1651C Gas & Electric Welding (3)
MTE 2054C Marine 4-Cycle Stern Drive Inboard Engines (3)
MTE 2062 Marine Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention (2)
MTE 2234C Marine Gearcase, Outdrives and Transmission System (4)

Total Credits Required: 32/34

Optional Factory Certifications:

Bombardier/Evinrude Marine:
Evinrude E-Tec Outboards
Evinrude E-Tech V Models

Mercury Marine:
Propeller 1
Corrosion 1
Smart Craft 1
Fuels and Lubes
° Fuel II
° Electrical II
° Navigating DDT
° Outboard Rigging
° Mercruiser EFI System

State of Florida :
Safe Boating
° Livery Certification  

Other Optional Certificatios:
° USCG Captains License
° American Welding Society, Welding Certifications
° FKCC Welding Certification


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