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Specialized Academic Programs

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Dual Enrollment

High school students interested in attending Florida Keys Community College may do so prior to their high school graduation. There are three types of enrollment available for high school students: dual enrollment, dual enrollment/ dual credit and early admissions.

In most cases, acceptance into these programs is based on the student having completed the ninth grade, and earning qualifying test scores.

The applicant must have written approval from his/her high school principal to take courses and to have college credits applied toward high school graduation, with the exception of courses taught at the high school as part of FKCC’s dual enrollment/dual credit program.

Normally high school students may register for three to six credit hours during a semester. However, students who have fulfilled the majority of the requirements for their senior year may be permitted to register for up to twelve credit hours per semester, provided they have maintained a 3.0 G.P.A. Credit loads exceeding six hours are approved by the High School Principal and the Director of Enrollment Services.

Dual enrollment students are those high school students enrolled in both high school and in FKCC college campus-based courses. Credits earned at FKCC are applicable to a college degree but not towards high school graduation.

Dual enrollment/dual credit students are those high school students enrolled in both high school and FKCC. Credits earned at FKCC (normally in courses offered at the high school) are applicable to both a college degree and high school graduation.

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Early Admissions

Academically superior high school students may attend FKCC in lieu of their junior and/or senior year in high school. Credits earned at FKCC are applicable to both a college degree and high school graduation. As in the case of Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit, students must have advance approval from the high school principal to participate in the program and to have their college credits apply toward high school graduation.

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Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Office offers a wide range of non-credit classes and seminars designed to help the individual fulfill his or her potential, both personally and professionally. Programs and classes are held throughout Monroe County at three different convenient locations; Coral Shores High School at the Upper Keys Center, Marathon High School at the Middle Keys Center and in Key West on the main campus as well as at business sites. 

Customized non-credit training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of business, industry and/or government organizations may be held on-site at any business in Monroe County or at the main campus of FKCC. 

Classes meet for various lengths of time and are scheduled on both weekdays and weekends, for the convenience of students. A variety of classes are also offered for professional growth to prepare, up-date or refine participants' employment skills.

Registration is available by telephone or walk-in and pre-registration is required as classes may be limited in size. For more information or a schedule of classes please call the Continuing Education Office at (305) 809-3238.

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Distance Learning

The term distance learning at FKCC refers to the college's method of instruction delivered using forms of technology such as computers, video, tele-conferencing networks, and the Internet. Distance learning means that the student and the instructor do not have to be at the same place at the same time in order for teaching and learning to occur. Through the use of technology, such as course videos and taking a class via a computer, distance learning allows students to fit classes into their busy home and/or work schedules. Telecourses, online, and correspondence courses allow you to participate from your home at a time that is convenient for you, while interactive video courses allow students in the Middle and Upper Keys to take classes that are only offered in Key West.

Taped courses (or telecourses) at FKCC are pre-produced television courses which can be viewed on videotape at the student’s home or at any of the three FKCC campuses. These courses give students the opportunity to complete their course work outside of the classroom, on their own time. The courses are academically equivalent to on-campus courses and employ FKCC instructors. Tapes are available for rent for the semester through RMI media.

Video Conference courses are a method of distance learning which is helpful for students who are able to meet at the same time but are unable to meet in the same place. Courses taught via our compressed video network are two-way real-time video and audio, also known as interactive television. Classes and programs taught via video conferencing can be received by and sent from any of our three campuses.

Online courses can be taken with few or no on-campus visits and use one or many different types of technology for remote delivery of course materials. This may include, but is not limited to, Desire2Learn, the World Wide Web, newsgroups, and listservs. For a list of currently offered online courses, visit the Distance Learning webpage.

Blended (or Hybrid) courses are a combination of web-based and face-to-face classroom courses, with the mix of online to on-campus activities determined by the instructor. Blended courses have a definite on-campus meeting schedule, in addition to any online activities.

Correspondence courses use traditional technologies, such as pen and paper, at a distance to help students complete course work while not being at the campus/center offering this course. Students are required to do reading, interact with instructor, and submit papers and complete exams. Some correspondence courses take advantage of computer technologies, such as e-mail, to enhance communications but a computer is not required.

Distance and online learning courses (non-credit) are also available through our continuing education department in subjects ranging from Basic Computer Literacy to Video Game Design and Development. To obtain more information or register for one of these classes call (305) 809-3238.

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