The United States from its Centennial to 1945. Emphasis upon its rise to World Power status; the political, social,
economic, and cultural forces used to maintain World Power status; and the beginnings of the ColdWar.
AMH 2030 - Contemporary United States History
3.000 Credits
The United States from 1945 to the present. Emphasis upon the development of the ColdWar; polarization into First,
Second, and ThirdWorld, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and the U.S. role in and response to the decline and fall of
AMH 2091 - Survey of African American History
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
The course surveys the national background of Africans before their forced migration to the United States and Latin
America. It will focus on free blacks as well as those enslaved in colonial and revolutionary America. The course will also
examine the Abolition Movement, the Civil War, and prominent African Americans. It will focus on the cultural, social,
economic, political and religious history of African Americans from the arrival through the twentieth century.
AML 2020 - American Literature
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C or ( A03 018 and A01 017 ) or ( CPTR 083 and CPTL 083 ) or S01 440 or FCTR 355 or
( PRTR 104 or PRTL 099 )
This course traces the main ideas, movements, and trends in American literature from the Colonial Period to the present
through close readings of works by representative authors from Poe, Whitman and Twain to Williams and Faulkner. Written
interpretations and reports are required as part of the 6,000-word writing requirement.
ANT 1159 - Survey of Florida Prehistory
3.000 Credits
This course surveys the cultures of Florida from Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodlands and Mississippian periods through
the exploration, missionization, colonization and territorial periods. The methods of prehistory and ethnohistory will be
compared and contrasted as sources.
ANT 1410 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
3.000 Credits
Introduction to human culture, its variety and its anthropological interpretation. Survey of cultural diffusion,
acculturation, and patterns of variation in world culture areas.
ANT 1511 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology
3.000 Credits
The emergence of man, examination of variation, adaptation and evolution of human populations. Process of evolution,
taxonomy and human genetics, biological variability, and paleo-anthropology.
ANT 1932 - Culture and Environment of the Florida Everglades
3.000 Credits
This tour of the Everglades surveys environment, history, prehistory, and plant and animal diversity trends that parallel
or diverge from patterns of Florida, the United States, and the Caribbean.
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