ART 2164C - Mixed Media
3.000 Credits
The focus of this course will concentrate on the selection and exploration of found, ready-made or created objects,
relating the application and integration into a collage and or an assemblage format. These works will further be
manipulated through the use of paint, pastels, crayons, ink, etc.
ART 2553C - Beginning Acrylic Painting
3.000 Credits
Exploration of acrylic painting techniques. Students will provide own paints and supplies.
ART 2554C - Beginning Oil Painting
3.000 Credits
An exploration of oil painting techniques--impasto, palette knife, glazing, etc.--through varied subject matter. Still life,
landscape, figure, on-site painting, etc. Students provide paints and supplies.
ART 2701C - Sculpture I
3.000 Credits
Emphasis on arrangement and understanding of the relationship of three-dimensional forms. Advanced work will place
emphasis on portraiture and on the draped and undraped figure in three-dimensional terms with the focus on modeling in
clay. Work may be fired or cast in plaster. Students learn to patina and mount finished work. Students provide materials. This
course can be repeated for a maximum of nine (9) credits.
ART 2752C - Wheel Throwing I
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ART 1750C CR C
This course introduces the basic principles in wheel throwing and covers a broader range of ceramic technical
ART 2753C - Wheel Throwing II
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ART 2752C CR C
This is the second course in the sequence of skill-building courses in wheel throwing.
ART 2772C - Raku
3.000 Credits
This course provides an in-depth exploration of raku forms, glazing and firing techniques.
ART 2940L - Art Laboratory
2.000 Credits
Prerequisites: INST 0
This is an independent study course which may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits. Opportunities are provided for
the refinement of skills and further experimentation in the chosen medium.
AST 1002 - Astronomy
3.000 Credits
Descriptive study of the elements of astronomy including the chemical composition and motion of the planets,
their moons, comets and asteroids. Theories of solar system formation, the Sun and the universe are discussed and
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