FKCC 2012-2013
CIS 1940 - Special Topics in CIS
1.000 TO 3.000 Credits
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. This course covers current topics of interest to the
area of computers and information sciences. Content may include particular computer languages, CIS research, current
industry developments as well as software and hardware innovations. May be repeated with a change of content for up to a
maximum of three credits.
CIS 2321 - System Analysis & Design
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ( COP 1000 CR C or COP 1220C CR C or COP
1332 CR C or COP 2221 CR C or COP 2334C CR C or COP 2800 CR C or COP 2805 CR C )
A study of the analysis, design and implementation phases of software system development using a phased life cycle
approach. Process, data and object oriented development models will be introduced, as well as modeling tools and CASE
software. Team approaches to software development and project management concepts are covered.
CIS 2905 - Directed Individual Study
3.000 Credits
Directed Study.
CJE 1640 - Introduction to Forensics
3.000 Credits
An introduction to the scientific aspects of investigation known as criminalistics, with emphasis on crime scene
techniques, the collection and preservation of evidence and the examination of evidence. Students will be familiarized with
the capabilities and limitations of a police laboratory.
CJE 2600 - Criminal Investigation
3.000 Credits
This course presents the philosophical, historical and present background of the criminal investigation process. The
student will learn and, in some cases, apply current criminal investigation procedures and techniques dealing with offenses
confronting a modern police/investigating agency.
CJK 0007 - Introduction to Law Enforcement
.370 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
The course provides an overview of the law enforcement training program and the requirements for students to
become sworn officers, gives students instruction on basic criminal justice values and ethics, defines sexual harassment and
ways to avoid compromising interactions with other officers and the public, and emphasizes the command structure within
a criminal justice agency. Students will also receive a basic understanding of the structure and components of the criminal
justice system.
CJK 0008 - Legal
2.300 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course will provide a solid legal foundation from which students may function as law enforcement officers.
Students will become familiar with case law and how it interprets and further explains enacted laws.
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