CJK 0011 - Human Issues
1.330 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course introduces the student to the different types of crisis situations that they could encounter as a law
enforcement officer when responding to calls. Appropriate management, intervention and referral responses are discussed
along with issues specific to individuals in various situations involving crisis. The student will be introduced to the legal
obligations of dealing with a crisis.
CJK 0017 - Communications
2.530 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course covers the various forms of communications a law enforcement officer uses in the performance of their
duties. This course will cover telecommunications, communications and interpersonal skills, human interaction issues,
interviewing ideology, and report writing principles and mechanics.
CJK 0020C - Vehicle Operations
1.600 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course includes the physiological and psychological factors which impact vehicle operation and control; the
basic components of defensive driving and emergency vehicle operations; the basic legal considerations involved in the
operation of authorized emergency vehicles and in vehicle pursuits; civil and criminal liability which are applicable to law
enforcement driving; what to look for during routine maintenance and inspection of a police vehicle, the basic elements of
vehicle dynamics; the types of skids and their causes; how to recover from several types of skids; and basic driving skills and
CJK 0031C - First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers
1.330 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course is designed to prepare prospective officers to apply first responder knowledge and techniques in emergency
CJK 0040C - Firearms
2.670 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course includes firearms safety procedures; use of deadly force, basic handling procedures for the handgun
(revolver and semiautomatic pistol), shotgun, and semiautomatic rifle/carbine, including component parts and their
function. This course also covers the common types of ammunition used in law enforcement, ammunition components,
and the use of various types of ammunition for handguns, shotguns, or rifles. The recruit will attain proficiency in
marksmanship and in safety using, handling, and maintaining certain designated firearms.
CJK 0051 - CJ Defensive Tactics
2.670 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
The CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics course provides basic recruits with training in the physical skills necessary
for the use of force in controlling subjects and for self-defense. Although there is some class room instruction most of this
course is physical training.
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