CJK 0086 - Traffic Crash Investigations
1.070 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course introduces the officer to the proper procedures to conduct traffic crash investigations by following step-
by-step approach which encompasses the initial response to the scene, scene assessment and protection, identifying and
analyzing information gathered from witnesses, evaluating physical evidence, thoroughly investigating and documenting
the crash, and concluding with the appropriate enforcement action.
CJK 0096 - Criminal Justice Officers Physical Fitness Training
2.000 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training program prepares recruits to perform the physical requirements of a
Correctional Officer, provides the recruits with the basic elements of nutrition, weight control and stress management and
is structured to improve the overall health of the recruits.
CJK 0101 - Interpersonal Skills II
1.670 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
An examination of inmate populations and techniques to supervise inmates. This module concentrates on
inmate societies, criminal types, institutional criminalities, inmate deception and manipulation, and female and male
CJK 0102 - Correctional Operations
2.130 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This module thoroughly investigates the daily operations within the confines of the correctional facility to include
inmate intake, classification, safety, release, accountability, movements/transfers, confinement, health care, feeding and
much more. This “nuts and bolts”, “how to do it”module is designed to show the correctional officer how to effectively,
efficiently and safely perform his/her job.
CJK 0133 - Law Enforcement Auxiliary
2.100 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course is designed for persons desiring to prepare students to assist law enforcement agencies as auxiliary police
officers functioning under the direct supervision and direction of sworn law enforcement officers.
CJK 0203 - Cross-Over Corrections
.533 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
CJK 0212 - Cross Over Correctional to Law Enforcement CMS High Liability
.270 CEUs
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course is designed for the Certified Corrections Officer(s) to cross over to law enforcement. This course focuses
on high liability areas containing law enforcement course material. CJK 0031 prepares teh officer to apply basic first aid
knowledge and techniques to emergencies. CJK 0040 includes firearms safety procedures, use of deadly force, and basic
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