FKCC 2012-2013
COP 1220C - C Programming
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: CGS 1000C CR C
C is a well structured, flexible and powerful language that produces very fast and efficient code. It is used on Unix-
based mini-computers, as well as micro-computers, for both systems and applications programming. The course includes
designing, writing and running C programs on the computer to develop proficiency in the language and its application to
business, math and engineering problems.
COP 1332 - Visual BASIC
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: COP 1170C CR C
This is an introductory course in Window’s programming. Visual BASIC techniques are presented using the Microsoft
Visual BASIC programming language. Topics include even-driven programming, concepts, visual basic data and logic
structure, objects, properties, methods, subroutines, functions, and the visual basic design environment.
COP 2221 - Intermediate Programming in C
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: COP 1220C CR C
This is an advanced application programming course using the C language. Emphasis is on the design and use of
structured computer algorithms for problem solving using “C”. Topics covered will include the design of in dependent
modules, processing of text data as input, advanced sorting techniques, advanced data manipulation and data structures.
Students are required to design, code, compile, debug, and execute programs.
COP 2334C - Object Oriented Programming in C++
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: COP 2221 CR C
This is an advanced study of the C language with emphasis on object oriented programming, graphics, and list
processing. Students are required to design, code, compile and execute programs for the business and scientific
COP 2800 - Introduction to Java Programming
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: COP 1000 CR C or CGS 1000 CR C
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Topics include loops, decision structures, I/O
operations. Introduction to Java’s object-oriented features including arrays, references, classes, objects inheritance, and
data encapsulation. Introduction to GUI design using Java’s AWT Package, and Java’s predefined packages.
COP 2805 - Advanced Java Programming
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: COP 2800 CR C
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Advanced Java programming concepts. Includes
applets, interfaces, packages, properties, exception handling, native methods, multimedia mechanisms, multithreading,
and networking capabilities. Continuation of Java’s object-oriented features with major emphasis on class implementation.
Advanced GUI Design using Java’s AWT Package with major emphasis on event handling.
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