ENC 1101 - English Composition I
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ( ENC 0020C CR C. and REA 0003C CR C. ) or ( A03 018 and A01 017 ) or ( CPTR 083 and CPTL 083) or S01
440 or FCTR 355 or ( PRTR 104 and PRTL 099 )
A course that emphasizes accepted standards and techniques of expository writing, logical thinking, and reading with
literal and critical comprehension. Students are expected to write coherent, unified prose, develop a thesis statement,
arrange main ideas and supporting details, and use effective vocabulary, conventional sentence structure, and standard
American English grammar and usage. Includes a 6,000 word writing requirement.
ENC 1102 - English Composition II
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
Expository writing based upon the close reading and study of selected examples from fiction, poetry, and drama. The
course emphasizes oral and written analytical interpretations which include recognition of the traditional techniques,
forms, and rhetorical devices used by writers of literature. The course also serves as an introduction to literature. Includes a
6,000 word writing requirement.
ENG 1300 - Writing about Film
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
A basic course in film literacy concentrating on the techniques, genre, history, theory and criticism of film and film
making which lie beyond our understanding of films. Students will view selected films, develop critical skills, and evaluate,
orally and in writing, the products of film making.
ENT 1000 - Entrepreneurship
3.000 Credits
This course provides business and non-business majors with the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. The
fundamentals of starting and operating a business, developing a business plan, obtaining financing, marketing a product or
service and developing an effective accounting system will be covered.
EOC 1720 - Nitrox in theWorking Divers Environment
1.000 Credits
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Introduce work divers, diving supervisors, diving
safety inspectors, and other divers to the operating procedures, safety requirements, air requirements, gas analyzation
procedures, and limitations of nitrox in work diving.
EOC 2710 - Public Safety Diving
5.000 Credits
Prerequisites: INST 0
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Provides the police or public safety diver the skills
and knowledge necessary to conduct a full range of related underwater activities. Nationally recognized certification as an
open water scuba diver and current medical release is a requirement for enrollment in this course and will be verified by the
instructor at the first class. Limited entry to law enforcement and other public safety personnel.
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