EOC 2930 - Diving Safety Coordinator
5.000 Credits
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. It prepares safety officers with the necessary skills
and knowledge to assure compliance of diving contractors with established work diving safety policies, procedures and
regulations. It provides students with state-of-the-art technology and the methodology to evaluate underwater diving
operations and effectively manage diving contingencies.
EOC 2949 - Diving in theWork Environment
6.000 Credits
Prerequisites: PEN 2137C CR C
This course is an internship opportunity with the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium in the world. The
student will have an opportunity to work in various aspects of scientific diving in support of this major facility.
EUH 2032 - European History: The Holocaust
3.000 Credits
This course will examine the social, political, cultural and historiographical issues raised by the Holocaust. We will learn
to interpret primary sources and assess the secondary literature. Class discussion will be an important part of the learning.
FIN 1001 - Principles of Finance
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ( ENC 1101 CR C or ( A03 018 and A01 017 ) or ( CPTR 083 and CPTL 083 ) or S01 440 or FCTR 355 )
or ( PRTR 104 and PRTL 099 ) and ( MAT 0002 CR C. or CPTA 057 or A02 017 or S02 439 ) or PRTM 096
Financial management techniques for business. Topics include capital markets, analysis of financial statements, working
capital policy and management, short and long term financing methods, leverage, time value of money, stocks and bonds
and capital budgeting.
GEB 1011 - Introduction to Business
3.000 Credits
The role and function of business enterprise within our economic framework. Includes organization, finance, marketing,
personnel administration, production and economics. Designed primarily to help students select their field of business
GEB 2905 - Special Phases-Business
1.000 TO 4.000 Credits
This study in special phase course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply academic business
theories and concepts in a real world setting.
GRA 1100C - Introduction to Computer Based Design
3.000 Credits
This course is an introduction to the computer as a tool for graphic design.
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