FKCC 2012-2013
GRA 1140C - Beginning Multimedia Production
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: GRA 1156C CR C
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Introduces students to the basics in design and
development of computer-based multimedia. Computer hardware, software, and peripheral devices will be used to
produce individual student multimedia-based portfolios. Student must furnish data storage medium.
HCP 0001 - Health Careers Core
3.000 CEUs
This course will cover basic entry-level information, preparing individuals for further training in health-related
occupations. Students will be introduced to basic concepts such as the health delivery system, wellness, and disease,
environmental safety, communication and nutrition.
HCP 0102 - Articulated Nursing Assistant Theory and Clinical
2.500 CEUs
This course is designed to prepare a nonprofessional worker with minimal skills and knowledge to perform carefully
selected patient care activities, in a nursing home or hospital setting under direction of the registered professional nurse.
Upon successful completion the graduate will be eligible to sit for the State of Florida examination to become a certified
nurse assistant. Course content includes classroom activities, simulated laboratory experiences and hands-on experience in
a designated clinical agency.
HIS 2071 - Oral and Community History
3.000 Credits
This course will explore the purpose, value, theory, and achievement of oral and community history. Students will gain
experience in collecting, interpreting, and processing their own interviews.
HIS 2155 - Historiography, Methods and Research
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
The course surveys the branch of historical research known as historiography. It also is an introduction to basic historical
research methods. The course will teach students how to conduct historical research, evaluate findings and present the
evidence. This is a Gordon Rule Class: 6,000 words.
HUM 1020 - Introduction to Humanities
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
This is a basic introduction to the student of humanities using an interdisciplinary approach. This course focuses on
central concepts and the fundamental nature of philosophy, architecture, literature, music, religion, and art. Concepts
from these disciplines are integrated with contemporary American culture. This course includes a 6,000 word writing
HUM 2250 - Humanities in the 20th Century
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C
This is an integrated examination of dominant ideas in Western culture as expressed in art, music, philosophy, religion,
and science from the turn of the century to the present. This course focuses on the creative forces which have shaped
contemporary consciousness from the pioneering work of Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, andWright through the dominance
of objective consciousness to the newly emerged guiding “myths” of today. There is a 6,000 word writing requirement.
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