HUS 1007 - Introduction to Certified Addictions Professional Process
1.000 Credits
This course helps the student gain information about certification, why certification is necessary and the overall mission
of the Certification Board of Addictions Professionals of Florida (CBAPF). Classifications of addiction professionals are
explained as well as legibility requirements, standards and proficiency measures are covered.
HUS 1337 - Overview of Client Screening, Intake, Diagnostic Assessment
and Orientation
1.000 Credits
This course defines client screening, eligibility, appropriateness, intake, assessment, and orientation. The steps that
counselors take in each phase are covered. Patient rights and ethical/legal requirements of Florida are explored.
HUS 1348 - Overview of the Criminal Justice Approach to Chemical Dependency
1.000 Credits
This course provides an overview of the various criminal justice and treatment approaches for the chemically impaired
offender. Strategies for treating an inmate population as well as those on community control will be examined using Moral
Recognition Therapy (MRT).
HUS 1400 - Introduction to Chemical Dependency/Addiction
2.000 Credits
This course is one of the basic introduction courses in the addictions studies program and includes a basic overview
of the disease of addiction/chemical dependency; a historical perspective of addictions and reviews a variety of addiction
disorders; DSM-IV criteria necessary to diagnose addiction/dependence and abuse and to become familiar with the
differences between abuse and dependence; introductory knowledge on the permanent brain chemistry changes that take
place in addiction; a theoretical basis for treating addiction and treatment protocol.
HUS 1415 - Case Management in Human Services
3.000 Credits
This course will explore various approaches used by the addictions professional to help facilitate linking a client with
needed community services to include housing, disability, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and medical
needs. Skills used in case management will be addressed as well as an introduction to current research.
HUS 1421 - Assessment and Treatment Planning
2.000 Credits
This course mixes both theory and practical application of the process o
f gathering data from a number of sources and synthesizing this information for the purpose of preparing a treatment plan
for an addiction client. It begins with a review of addiction basics and ends with each student completing an assessment
interview and writing up a Bio-psycho-social Narrative Assessment.
HUS 1422 - Communication Skills Using Therapeutic Communication
Students will focus on basic communication skills-attending, paraphrasing, reflection, interpretation, summarizing,
probing self-disclosures and confrontation. Various therapeutic communication techniques will be explored as well as
common blocks to communication. Effective helper skills will be discussed.
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