HUS 1470 - Addictions Counseling and the Law
1.000 Credits
The rights of the patient in the therapeutic setting as well as the legal standards of conduct for a chemical dependency
professional will be reviewed. Basic principles of client grievance procedures are presented. The use of orientation for client
teaching, and assuring the patient’s rights are discussed. Proper utilization of informed consent for treatment and referral is
emphasized. Participants review and discuss the right of the client to contact the State of Florida Department of Health and
Rehabilitative Services. The ethical implications of patient confidentiality are examined in depth.
HUS 1480 - HIV/AIDS and the Substance Abuser
1.000 Credits
This course provides an overview of HIV/AIDS pathology, clinical manifestations and treatment. It specifically focuses
on medical management and psychosocial management of HIV/AIDS in the substance abusing and recovering population.
Local agencies are invited to enhance the student’s ability to refer appropriately.
HUS 1481 - Multicultural Counseling
1.000 Credits
Multicultural counseling has been a rapidly growing component of counsel or training for the past several years. This
course helps counselors to be ethical and competent therapists by enhancing multicultural awareness, knowledge, and
skills. Various ethnic and special populations are discussed including their values, perceptions of counseling, and special
needs. The course includes video counselor/client which students analyze and evaluate. Ethic and special populations
include African American, Hispanic, American Indian, gay/lesbian, adolescents, elders, men and women.
HUS 1500 - Ethics for the Addictions Professional
3.000 Credits
This course provides an understanding of legal and ethical issues encountered in counseling and the field of addictions.
Students will explore the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Addiction Professional of Florida in depth. Numerous case studies
will be presented allowing students to practice ethical and legal decision making. The concept of boundaries and boundary
invasion will be discussed. The student will be exposed to various legal statutes that effect the addiction counselor.
HUS 1573C - Caregiving for the Elderly
1.000 Credits
Exploration of the aging process and needs of the aged person in our society from a holistic and humanistic perspective.
The course emphasizes the interpersonal skills necessary for the non-professional caregiver to be able to help the aged
person meet his/her needs, successfully adapt, and maintain or achieve ego integrity.
HUS 1681 - Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse
2.000 Credits
Beginning with a review of brain chemistry and progression through the function, action, and interaction of the major
classes of drugs. Each drug class is reviewed discussing signs, symptoms, addictive potential, withdrawal, detox protocol,
and special issues including post acute withdrawal syndrome.
HUS 2019 - Stress Management
2.000 Credits
This course will explore the various causes of stress as well as its effects on the substance abuser or mentally ill. Stress
management techniques will be demonstrated and practiced for use in human services work. Special attention will also be
paid to stress management for the worker.
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