FKCC 2012-2013
HUS 2303 - Counseling Theory
3.000 Credits
This course explores the various theories of psychotherapy and their use with the substance abuser and the mentally
ill. The nature and functions of theories will be presented as well as specialized techniques associated with each theoretical
perspective. Techniques will be demonstrated in class.
HUS 2320 - Introduction to Crisis Intervention
3.000 Credits
This course examines various types of crises which may confront the human service worker focusing on appropriate
clinical responses and treatments.
HUS 2430 - Overview of Drug and Alcohol Prevention
1.000 Credits
This course focuses on education as the key for preventing alcohol and drug abuse. Various methods and programs to
educate youth and the community at large will be examined. The course also explores subtle and societal influences that
encourage the use of alcohol and drugs.
HUS 2451 - Managing Depression/Suicide in Recovery
1.000 Credits
This course presents an overview of depressive disorders common in early and late state recovery. Treatment modalities
appropriate for depressed clients are explored. Signs of suicidal ideations and appropriate suicide intervention are covered
in detail.
HUS 2460 - Relapse Prevention
1.000 Credits
This course focuses on why relapse occurs and why it is considered a part of recovery for many addicts. The course aids
helping professionals to prepare clients to deal with relapse mode behavior and quick recovery from slips.
HUS 2461 - Men’s andWomen’s Issues in Recovery
1.000 Credits
This course examines different gender issues impinging on recovery with methods to address gender specific problems.
HUS 2482 - Issues of Intimacy and Sexuality
1.000 Credits
This course provides an overview of the common intimacy and sexual concerns faced by the recovering population.
The normal human sexual response cycle will be covered along with various kinds of relationships on a continuum from
homosexuality to heterosexuality. The role of the counselor in sex/relationship counseling will be emphasized as well as
appropriate referral sources.
HUS 2930 - Course Review/Exam Preparation
1.000 Credits
This course reviews and highlights various components in addictions counseling from screening to consultation.
Emphasis is given to important points for both the written and oral exam administered by the Certification Board of
Addictions Professionals of Florida (CBAPF).
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