FKCC 2012-2013
MAC 1114 - Trigonometry
3.000 Credits
Passing MAC 1105 with a C or better
This course is a study of trigonometric functions and their inverses, solutions of plane triangles, complex numbers,
graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations and identities. Introduction to vector algebra. It also develops
higher level problem-solving skills needed in many other studies.
MAC 2233 - Calculus for Business Majors
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: MAC 1105 CR C
This course is for business students. Major topics include limits, differentiation and integration of algebraic functions,
exponential and logarithmic functions, areas, and applications of the preceding topics to problems in business.
MAC 2311 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: MAC 1114 CR C
This course begins with the study of limits, continuity, derivatives, and applications. The course ends with the study of
antiderivatives and applications of the definite integral to area under a curve. This course is taught with analytic geometry
MAC 2312 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry 2
4.000 Credits
This course includes but is not limited to the study of applications of the definite integral, derivatives and integrals
involving exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and hyperbolic functions and their inverses and the study of formal
methods of integration.
MAN 1300 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C or ( A03 018 and A01 017 ) or ( CPTR 083 and CPTL 083 ) or S01 440 or FCTR 355 or ( PRTR
104 and PRTL 099 )
This course explores the management of human resources in an overview perspective. Topics covered are: payroll,
compensation and benefits, staffing, training and development, performance appraisals, organizational management,
policy, and maintaining effective relationships with employees. Students will be exposed to the dynamics of how the
human resource department and the company strategically work together to balance employee morale and return on
investment. Thought provoking questions will initiate a well-rounded learning experience of HRM and the effects on
business operations.
MAN 2021 - Management Concepts
3.000 Credits
A study of modern management concepts. Topics include motivation, group dynamics, effects of technology, planning,
organizing, leadership, communications, controlling, and management systems. Students study typical management issues
and cases.
MAN 2949 - Experiential Applications in Management
3.000 Credits
Independent Study/Cooperative Education
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