Delete any software programs, files or directories/folders on these systems.
2. Reconfigure any software programs installed on these systems.
3. Create your own directories or folders.
4. Change any Windows desktop settings.
5. Attempt to fix problems on your own. Ask for help from the lab assistant on duty.
XI. Virus Detection and Removal
All FKCC computing facility computers have virus checking software. Please scan your disks before and after using
any FKCC computer. This will help detect and remove viruses before they can spread.
Internet Use
I. E-mail
1. Use of College e-mail
E-mail is the primary means for official communication within Florida Keys Community College. The College
has the right to expect that such communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. Official e-mail
communications are intended to meet only the academic and administrative needs of the campus community, and
will be used for College business (academic and administrative) only.
2. Expectations for Use of College E-mail:
FKCC encourages and supports open access to electronic communication for the purposes of academic
endeavors and college business, provided certain guidelines are observed:
• will not be used for personal financial or commercial purposes,
• will not be used to impersonate another person or misrepresent authorization to act on behalf of the
College or another person,
• will not be used to state or imply, without authorization, that a user speaks or acts on behalf of FKCC,
• will not be used as a conveyance of college trademarks or logos without authorization from the Director
of Public Relations,
• will not be used to harass another person,
• will not be used to invade the privacy of others or make unauthorized use of their work, will not be used
to send or create junk mail, SPAM, chain letters, computer viruses or hoaxes, or any other disruptive forms
of data, will not be used in violation of copyright laws,
• will not be used in violation of any state or federal laws.
Electronic forums, such as mail distribution lists, have expectations regarding subject area and appropriate
etiquette for postings. Members of the FKCC community should be considerate of the expectations and
sensitivities of others on the Inter/intra net when posting material for electronic distribution.
3. Public Records
Any information, including e-mail messages or other data, produced, transmitted, or received by FKCC
employees “pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business” is defined
as a public record by Florida Law, and is subject to the provisions of Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Public
records must be retained according to specific retention schedules, are subject to inspection and copying
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