MTE 2883 - One Hundred Ton Gross Master
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: Passing MTE 1811 and MTE 1802 and MTE 1882 with a C or higher (CR C) or permission of instructor
This course does not ordinarily count towards the Associate in Arts degree. The purpose of this course is to allow a
USCG licensed captain to upgrade from OUPV (6 pack) to 100 Gross Tons Master. The primary topics covered in this course
include rigging, cargo handling, structural members, stability and trim, compass error and adjustment, pollution, fire
fighting, communications regulations, maritime law, life saving and survival, anchoring and towing, small vessel passenger
regulations, and rules of the road. Upon successful completion of this course the attendee will be able to pass the USCG
approved 100 GT Master Exam, offered at the end of the course.
MUH 2011 - Music Appreciation I
3.000 Credits
This course is designed as a non-technical approach to the enjoyment of listening to music for the student who has little
or no musical background. The emphasis is on an intelligent listening procedure to material drawn from standard repertoire
through the Baroque period (1750).
MUN 1380C - Mixed Community Chorus
1.000 Credits
This course provides an opportunity for people to come together as a community of singers to perform as an
instrument a selection of works from the vast, historical repertory of choral literature from all periods. Course may be
repeatable for credit up to 8 credits.
MUT 1001 - Elements of Music
3.000 Credits
Basic elements of musical language, its terminology and notation. Includes study of treble and bass clefs, legers, terms
for dynamics and moods; study of relationship between ear and the notated music: introductory aural skills development.
MVV 1110 - Voice Class I
1.000 TO 3.000 Credits
Beginning group instruction in voice. Emphasis on vocal techniques and vocal literature. Open to students of all
departments and programs. Emphasis will be placed on proper vocal and breathing techniques, and vocal literature. Basic
elements of music theory will be addressed.
MVV 1111 - Voice Class II
1.000 TO 3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: MVV 1110 CR C
Continuation of MVV 1110.
NUR 1020C - Fundamentals of Nursing
7.000 Credits
Prerequisites: DEP 2004 CR C and BSC 1085C CR C and NUR 1192 CR C
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Fundamentals of Nursing is designed to introduce
the student to selected concepts and technologies which are utilized in the practice of nursing. Concepts of health, stress
adaptation, biological, psychological, and social needs provide the student with a theoretical basis for the assessment,
planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care to selected patients. Clinical experiences are provided in both
a practice laboratory and in various health care facilities under faculty supervision. Throughout the course, the student is
expected to develop a beginning understanding of the various roles and responsibilities inherent in the nursing profession.
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