NUR 2818C - Clinical Nursing III
3.000 Credits
Clinical Nursing III provides students with the opportunity to build upon knowledge and skills developed in previous
nursing courses. Students are introduced to implementing principles of leadership and management. Classroom content
relates to the preparation of the student for assuming the role of professional nurse. Prioritization and delegation are
important concepts in this course. The clinical component is an individualized experience that is selected in collaboration
with the faculty and an RN preceptor. One alternate preceptor may be designated. Guidelines for level II practicum
experiences are defined by the Florida Board of Nursing in the Nurse Practice Act chapter 64B (15 a-g). All preceptor
practicum experiences are to be obtained on an adult medical-surgical unit or floor. The only exceptions considered are
for LPNs and require the permission of the faculty and program director. The clinical component of practicum will not
commence until all requirements for NUR 2462C are successfully met. The preceptor must be approved by the nursing
program and must be an RN licensed in the State of Florida. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the preceptor
to review clinical expectation and goals prior to beginning clinical time. The student must obtain a resume from the
preceptor and a signed letter of agreement.
NUR 2905 - Directed Studies
1.000 TO 3.000 Credits
Directed Studies.
OCB 1000 - Introduction to Marine Biology
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: College level reading and writing scores on placement tests or passing REA 0017 and InC 0025 with a C or
higher (CR C)
Ecology, morphology and taxonomy of marine fauna with emphasis upon those organisms which inhabit the shallow
water ecosystems and natural reef environments.
OCB 1301C - Dolphin Lab
3.000 Credits
This introduction to the biology of the dolphin surveys cetacean taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, pathology, stranding,
capture, health care, nutrition and training. Students will reside for a full week at the Dolphin Research Institute on Grassy
Key. Course requirements center upon a 3,000 word journal.
OCB 1311 - Dolphin Studies and Field Experience: Marine Mammal Care and Basic Training I
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: Passing OCB 1301C with a C or higher (CR C)
This introductory program surveys a wide range of knowledge, theories and ongoing research concerning marine
mammals, animal husbandry, operant conditioning training practices and related issues, including instruction specific to
the facility and its resident dolphins. This course offers students a unique opportunity to gain career oriented hands-on
experience in dolphin husbandry and training, including diet preparation; how to feed, reinforce, and maintain established
behaviors all under the guidance of accomplished animal trainers. Students will reside at the Dolphin Research Center on
Grassy Key. Course requirements center on active participation in the course and passing comprehensive end of course
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