Abagnale, Susan
Faculty Mathematics – M.S./Secondary Education, Old Dominion University 1998; B.A./Econom-
ics, University of Virginia 1991
Brenner, Tracy
Faculty Dive – B.A./Sociology, Western Kentucky University 1998;
Brylske, Alex
Faculty Marine Science – Ph.D./Science Education, Florida Institute of Technology, 2000; M.A./
Marine Biology & Coastal Zone Management, NOVA Southeastern University 1997; B.A./History, Frostburg State
College 1974
Bullis, Robert
Faculty Biology – Ph.D./Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University 1983; M.S./Veterinary Medi-
cal Science 1987; B.S./ Veterinary Science 1980
Carroll, Susan
Faculty, Mathematics – M.S./Mathematics, The University of Alabama 1996
Charron, Carolyn
Faculty English – Ph.D./Higher & Postsecondary Education, Teachers College Columbia Uni-
versity 2009; M.A./English, Western Connecticut University 1995; M.P.S./Human Relations, New York Institute of
Technology 2000; B.A./English, University at Albany 1990
Duley, Joseph
Faculty Marine Engineering – A.S./Marine Engineering Management & Seamanship, Florida Keys
Community College 2011
Ellis, Dawn
Faculty Computer Science – M.S./Computer Science, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
2003; M.S./Computational Engineering, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 2010; B.S./Computer Science
Information Systems, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 2000
Farrell, Sharon
Faculty History – M.A./History, University of New Hampshire 2001; B.S./Sociology, Suffolk Univer-
sity 1977
Gogin, Gerald
Faculty Ceramics – Artist in Residence
Gragg, Bruce
Ph.D./Chemistry, University of Florida 1974; M.S./Chemistry, Stephen F. Austin State University
1970; B.S./Mathematics/Chemistry, Stephen F. Austin State University 1969
Hitz, Sherri
Faculty Biology – M.O./Oceanography, University of Rhode Island 2000; M.S./Brain & Cognitive Sci-
ences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1998; B.A./French, Cleveland State University 1993
Irwin, William
Faculty Biology- Ph.D./Biology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2004; B.S./Biology,
University of Massachusetts Amherst 1996; A.S./Electronic Systems Engineering, Springfield Technical Commu-
nity College 1986
Maguire, Daniel
Faculty Speech Communication – M.S./ Applied American Politics & Policy, Florida State Univer-
sity 2001; B.A. Political Science/ History, Florida State University 1999
Majewicz, John
Faculty Mathematics – Ph.D./Mathematics, Temple University 1997; B.S./Mathematics, The Penn-
sylvania State University 1988
Markham, Lois
Faculty English – Ph.D./Comparative Studies 2008; M.F.A./Creative Writing, Florida International
University 2001; B.L.S./Liberal Studies, Barry University 1994
Faculty Credentials
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