II. Internet Content Responsibilities
The Internet is a global network of multimedia information with no central authority or governing body. The library
can and does recommend interesting and useful internet sites and resources for our customers to explore. The primary
gateway to recommended sites is through the FKCC library website. However, providing a link does not in any way
mean that we are responsible for the content of those sites. Because the internet has no governing body, there may be
material that is offensive to some customers. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor use. Sites containing nudity,
obscenity, or graphic violence are not considered appropriate due to public terminal display. Accessing such sites may
result in the revocation of computer privileges.
III. Time Limits
Time limits can and will be set to assure the greatest access for the greatest number of customers. Time limits will be
enforced when demand exceeds the supply of work stations available. We have the right to change these time limits to
allow the greatest access to the greatest number of customers.
IV. Printing
Printing from library computers is available via our WEPA Kiosks at 15 cents per sheet for black and white and 65 cents
per sheet for color copies. Copy cards can be purchased for $5 each or credit cards/debit cards can be used to deposit
funds to accounts via
V. Downloading / Changing Configuration
Customers are NOT permitted to download any files to the hard drive on any library computer. Customers are NOT
allowed to make permanent changes to browser configuration, or to add instant messaging, or other software.
Downloading files to USB flash drives or other acceptable media storage is permitted. Users must supply flash drives or
other acceptable media storage. If a customer does any of the above without permission from a library staff member,
we have the right to deny further use of the computers.
VI. Wireless access
Wireless access is available in the library to those customers with lap tops. The College is not responsible for any lost
files or damage done to non-college computer equipment.
The library computer lab is the only lab on campus with access to the public. The lab may be closed to the public
while classes are taught and if all computers are taken, community members will be asked to allow students to use the
computers, as students do have priority. We do not take reservations for computers, but feel free to call the library at
809-3194 to check on computer availability.
• Saving-Computer users are encouraged to save files to their USB flash drives. Files saved to the desktops will
not be available for retrieval.
• Printing – Customers will need to create a print account by going to
and add funds
with a credit or debit card. For those not having an account a print card can be purchased for $5. Printing
costs 15 cents per page for black and white or 65 cents per page for color.
• Assistance-- Library staff is available to provide assistance in the use of the Library’s computers and
• Staff may limit the amount of time spent in assisting a user in order to provide adequate support for all
library users.
• Individuals requiring additional time can schedule an appointment with one of our qualified staff.
• FKCC does not allow the download of software, audio files, or video files. We need to preserve our
bandwidth for college purposes.
• Displaying images or web pages that may be deemed offensive is not permissible. These are public
computers and all web pages that are accessed should be suitable for viewing by all members of the public.
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