FKCC 2012-2013
• Children under the age of 18 that are not registered students are not allowed to use the computers without
the supervision of a parent or legal guardian and the permission of the library staff.
• FKCC does not allow customers to conduct business on our computers. These computers are state property
and according to statue may not be used to advertise, sell or conduct any type of business. This includes
eBay and online trading.
• FKCC does not allow the disruption of study or research of others. Examples of disruptive behavior include,
but are not limited to:
-excessive noise
-harassment of others
-behavior that disturbs other users or staff
-viewing inappropriate content on the Internet
-use of cell phones or other electric equipment
Not adhering to the above rules violates FKCC procedure 92.10 and will result in the loss of computer privileges and non-
refundable fees.
Directory of Departments
President’s Office
Phone: (305) 809-3203
Provost’s Office
Faculty issues, instructional issues, programs of study, workforce development, curriculum development, and assessment
and accreditation.
Phone: (305) 809-3270
Vice President of Business and Administrative Services
Facilities and auxiliary services, information technology, and Business Office
Phone: (305) 809-3141
Dean Student Affairs
Student housing, student advising and engagement, enrollment services, and financial aid
Phone: (305) 809-3277
Marketing and Public Relations
News media relations, marketing, advertising, and college publications
Phone: (305) 809-3230
Business Office
Pay Tuition, Fees.
Phone: (305) 809-3186
Campus Store
College logo apparel, office supplies, nursing supplies, art supplies and diving supplies can be purchase here. Textbooks can
be ordered through
Phone: (305) 809-3530
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