FKCC 2012-2013
Transient Students
Transient students are degree-seeking at another institution but plan to study at FKCC for one or more courses. These
students must complete an FKCC Application for Admission and pay the application fee. They enroll at FKCC as non-degree
seeking. If the student’s home school is a Florida state college or university, the student must go to
enter all transient data requested. This web site was developed for Florida state institutions to streamline the transient
data and approval process. If the student is enrolled at a private or out-of-state institution, the student must work with
the home school to obtain written permission to attend FKCC as a transient student, and then ensure that the paperwork
is delivered to Enrollment Services at FKCC for final processing. If the student has financial aid or VA benefits, the student
must work with the Financial Aid Office or with the Veteran’s Specialist in Enrollment Services to ensure a continuation of
Non-High School Graduates
These students must successfully complete 12 hours of college credit courses with a “C” average (2.0 GPA). Prior to
completion of the 12 credit hours, the student will be considered a non-degree seeking student. If the student fails to
obtain the required 2.0 GPA in his/her first 12 hours, the student may continue as a non-degree seeking student subject to
the Academic Probation and Suspension Policy of the College.
International Student Admissions
Florida Keys Community College is authorized under United States Federal Law, Immigration and Naturalization Act,
Section 101(a)(1)(15)(f ) (i) to enroll non-immigrant alien students.
Audit Students
Audit students are those students registered for a college course who are not seeking college credit. Fees are the same for
both credit and audit students. Audit students should be regular and punctual in attendance and should make regular class
preparation. No tests or examinations are required for these students. A grade of “X”, which carries no credit, will be entered
on the college record. Audit students may not change to credit status once the last day to change courses for the term has
passed (see the academic calendar for important dates). Students may not change to audit status beyond the last day to
withdraw from class.
Students Still in High School
Qualified high school students may attend Florida Keys Community College prior to their high school graduation. There
are three types of enrollment available for high school students: dual enrollment, dual enrollment/dual credit, and early
Dual enrollment students
are those high school students enrolled in both high school and in FKCC college
campus-based courses. Credits earned at FKCC are applicable to a college degree but not towards high school
Dual enrollment/dual credit students
are those high school students enrolled in both high school and
FKCC. Credits earned at FKCC (normally in courses offered at the high school) are applicable to both a college
degree and high school graduation.
Early admissions
Qualified high school students may attend FKCC in lieu of their junior and/or senior year in high school. Credits
earned at FKCC are applicable to both a college degree and high school graduation. As in the case of Dual
Enrollment/Dual Credit, students must have advance approval from the high school principal to participate in the
program and to have their college credits apply toward high school graduation.
Students who meet the Dual Enrollment eligibility requirements shall be allowed to enroll in courses on the Dual
Enrollment -High School Subject Area Equivalency List,
. Courses on this list are
guaranteed to satisfy high school graduation subject area requirements. Students may also enroll in other approved
courses offered by FKCC that are listed in the Statewide Course Numbering System. These courses will count as elective
credit toward high school graduation unless otherwise listed below.
1...,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,...155