Credit-By-Institutional Examination
A student may challenge the content of certain college and vocational (workforce development) credit courses and
earn credit upon successful completion of an institutional exam. A student may not apply for course credit through an
FKCC institutional exam if a CLEP, EXCELSIOR or DANTES examination is available. Students should be aware that FKCC
institutional exams may not be offered for certain courses due to the nature of a particular course’s content.
To be eligible to take an institutional exam, the student must:
(a) be currently enrolled in a credit course other than that being challenged, or have completed prior credit course work
at FKCC;
(b) not have taken an institutional exam for the course at any previous time;
(c) not previously taken the course at FKCC or through transfer credit;
(d) obtain permission from the appropriate instructor and pay a pre-determined institutional exam fee at the Business
A student who successfully completes an institutional exam with a score of 80% or higher (70% or higher for the NLN exam)
will be awarded credit for the course. Students may not attempt Credit by Institutional Exam more than once in the same
course. For additional information contact the Testing Office in Student Advisement and Engagement (305) 809-3269.
Military Credit
Degree-seeking students who wish to translate military service school credits into college credits may do so by submitting
a SMART (Sailor/Marine), AARTS (Army), or Coast Guard transcript to the Office of Enrollment Services. More information
on obtaining a SMART transcript can be found at smart. navy.mil. For information on obtaining an AARTS transcript go
. For information on obtaining a Coast Guard transcript go to
Fee Information
Application Fee
Each new applicant is charged a $30 application fee which covers the costs of handling the application. This is a one-time
fee and covers all subsequent enrollments. This fee applies to credit and audit students, whether full-time or part-time, day
or evening. The application fee is not refundable or transferable.
Matriculation and Tuition Fees
Florida Residents (tuition per credit hour): $109.22
Non-Florida Residents (tuition per credit hour): $438.73
No registration will be completed until all fees and prior financial obligations to the college have been paid in full. Students
may not attend classes until this is accomplished. Personal checks, Visa, Master Card and American Express may be
acceptable for payment.
Additionally, FKCC offers a
Tuition Payment Plan
for all students. For more details please visit our website at
and log into your student account, or contact the Business Office at (305) 809-3186.
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