FKCC 2012-2013
examination) whichever is shorter. Failure to pay deferred fees when due will result in withdrawal from courses with the full
fees still owed. Full repayment is due whether or not the Veteran receives his/her VA benefits.
No deferment shall be granted to an eligible person who has received advanced or prepaid educational benefits from the
Veterans Administration.
Other Student Fees
Non-Refundable Fees
The following non-refundable fees are applicable:
• Application Fee: $30.00
• Credit or exemption by examination, per semester hour: $20.00
• Credit by Institutional Exam (Nursing) per semester hour: $ 7.00
• Graduation Fee: $25.00
• Transcript Fee: $10.00
• Reinstatement Fee: $25.00
• CPT/PERT Re-test Fee: $10.00
• Placement Test for Non-FKCC students: $25.00
Non-Credit Fees
For fees concerning continuing workforce education, lifelong learning, and recreation and leisure, please contact the Office
of Continuing Education and workforce at (305) 809-3238.
For fees concerning non-credit courses offered through the Institute of Criminal Justice, please contact at (305) 809-3200.
An official Add/Drop/Withdrawal form must be completed by students requesting a refund.
A. Refunds of 100% will be made until the close of business on the last day of late registration as listed in the catalog
(the date coincides with the last day to drop courses).
B. Students whose registration is canceled by official college action will be entitled to full refund of tuition and
laboratory fees.
C. To receive a refund for college credit courses that do not follow the academic calendar, students must withdraw
prior to the second class meeting. In the case of college credit courses that have four (4) or fewer meetings, the
student must withdraw prior to the first class meeting in order to be eligible for a full refund.
D. Students withdrawing from non-credit courses consisting of 3 or fewer class meetings must withdraw before the
first class meeting to receive a 100% refund. If a non-credit course consists of more than 3 class meetings, the
student must withdraw before the second class meeting to receive a full refund.
E. Students who register beyond the last day to change courses will not be eligible for a refund.
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