Student Loan Receivables
Students eligible to receive a Direct Loan (with completed files and loan applications) will receive a deferment of the cost
of tuition, fees and bookstore charges. Upon receipt of the loan proceeds, the deferred fees will be paid and any remaining
balance will be refunded to the student. The deferred fees will continue to be the responsibility of the student even if the
loan proceeds do not arrive for any reason during the term.
The student will not be allowed to register in future terms
until the charges have been paid in full.
Scholarship Programs
Board of Trustees Scholarships
This scholarship is offered to the senior classes of Monroe County high schools each year. The scholarship is awarded for
one calendar year commencing August of the recipient’s high school graduation year and ending August of the next year.
The scholarship will be renewed the next calendar year if all guidelines have been met and funding allows. Board of Trustee
scholarships are application based. Monroe County seniors should consult their high school guidance counselors for
application procedures.
Applicants must be a Florida resident.
Florida Keys Community College Foundation Scholarships
The FKCC Foundation was established to support Florida Keys Community College’s students, programs and services. The
Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships to FKCC students from funds raised through the support of private
donors and public agencies.
A variety of scholarship opportunities are being offered to students for the upcoming school year. Scholarship
opportunities range from:
• Two year awards for full time, degree seeking students that will cover tuition for up to 60 credit hours for
graduating high school seniors
• First generation in college awards, for
Florida residents
both of whose parents did not complete a baccalaureate
degree, in the amount of $1,000 for full-time (12+ credits) and $500 for part-time (6 credits),
• Nursing scholarships for students accepted into the FKCC Nursing Program;
• Specific scholarships in the areas of Business, Marine Science, Literary Work, and Criminal Justice,;
• General studies scholarships ($500 - $1000);
• Student Ambassador scholarships.
Awards are based on financial need, grade point average, leadership, character and service. For more information regarding
the application process and deadlines please visit
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program is awarded to Florida high school graduates who complete a
rigorous program of study. Awards are issued by the state of Florida directly to the eligible student. Students
receiving a Bright Futures Scholarship must have a completed FAFSA for each year that they receive the award.
The program has three levels (current award amounts subject to change):
1. Florida Academic Scholars Award: this award pays $62 per credit hour and requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA to renew.
The scholarship is restricted to Fall & Spring term.
2. Florida Medallion Scholarship Award: this award pays $62 per credit hour and requires a 2.75 cumulative GPA to
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