FKCC 2012-2013
How to Obtain Services
The Office for Students with Disabilities facilitates accommodations with faculty and staff, and serves as an information
resource to promote awareness and knowledge of disabilities. The student is responsible for self-identifying with the Office
for Students with Disabilities. This voluntary declaration is independent from the admissions process itself. Once contact
has been made with the Office for Students with Disabilities, the student is required to provide current (preferably, within
the last three years) documentation from professionals who make such diagnoses.
Students are required to secure appropriate disability testing and documentation on their own. All disability records
are treated as confidential and secured in the Office for Students with Disabilities. Once disability testing information is
received, appropriate services can begin. Students requiring special assistance and/or support services must contact the
Office for Students with Disabilities 30days before the term begins or as soon as possible thereafter.
For additional information, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities located on the Key West Campus. Students can
make appointments with the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities by calling 305-809-3292.
RAVE Program - Renewing and Advancing through Vocational Education
The RAVE Program offers special support services to individuals enrolled in A.S. Degree, A.A.S. Degree, and Certificate
Programs. Financial assistance for eligible students is available. Non-financial assistance includes career counseling,
information and referral service, and employment assistance.
Eligible Students Include:
• single parents
• displaced homemakers
• economically disadvantaged
• academically disadvantaged
• students with a disability
• limited English speaking students
• non-traditional students
Stop by the Financial Aid Office for more information on the RAVE Program or call (305) 809-3523.
Safety Protocol
In the event that a student notices anyone acting in an inappropriate manner (in word or action) or in the event that a
student feels threatened, he/she should maintain a calm demeanor contact the nearest FKCC employee and 911. If it is
after college business hours, students should
contact 911.
Please see the Vice President of Business and Administrative Services for additional information, policies, and procedures
concerning security at FKCC.
Medical Care
William A. Seeker/KeyWest Campus
The college does not operate any medical care facilities. Emergency medical services are available at the Lower Keys
Medical Center, located across the street on 5900 College Road.
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