FKCC 2012-2013
Student Activities
A varied program of social and cultural activities is presented throughout the year. Campus activities include, but are not
limited to, concerts, workshops, Term Kick-off events, and festivals. FKCC is currently a member of the Florida Community
College Activities Association (FCCAA). FCCAA activities include participation in the Florida Community College “Brain Bowl”
Through active memberships in a club or campus organization, students will have the opportunity to meet other students
and work toward common goals and interests. In recent years, clubs have been organized around sporting interests, such as
scuba diving; around academic programs, such as computers, nursing, science and marine technology; and around special
interests, such as leadership, photography, ceramics and chorus to name a few.
Several campus organizations, including the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the Florida Student Nurses Association, and
Student Government are affiliates of their respective national and state organizations.
New clubs may be formed at any time with sufficient student interest. Please consult the Student Handbook, the Student
Activities Handbook, or inquire in Student Advisement and Engagement for more information concerning student
organizations and activities.
College Reach Out Program – C.R.O.P
The College Reach-Out Program is a state funded program, which is designed to increase the number of financially
underprivileged students who pursue and complete post-secondary education. FKCC seeks to achieve this objective by
motivating and preparing students for post-secondary education through coordination of the “College Explorers “program.
The primary objective of this program is to strengthen the educational motivation and preparation of low-income,
educationally at-risk students in grades 6 through 12. This is a proactive preventative program to reach students who have
been identified by their teachers and school counselors as having the potential to succeed, but in need of outside direction.
Because this population would be unlikely to seek admission to a college or university, during the academic year, FKCC
provides academic support, tutoring, and homework assistance at the local high school and middle schools. The college
also offers enrichment activities on campus which include college tours, academic testing, career information, hands-on
learning experiences, motivational speakers and financial aid information.
In addition, CROP offers select students the opportunity of a 12- day academic summer residence program held on the
campus of Florida International University which provides early exposure to the university environment and supplement
academic skills in math and science.
Student Responsibilities
Student Responsibility
When a student registers at Florida Keys Community College, he/she agrees to accept the rules and regulations of the
college. Rules may be changed as circumstances make change desirable or necessary. Prior notice of changes will not be
given. All students are expected to observe the rules for the good of the college community.
Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Students are free to make reasoned exception to data and views offered in the classroom and to reserve judgment about
matters of opinion, but they are responsible for learning about the content of any course for which they’re enrolled, without
personal prejudice. Students are entitled to protection against improper disclosure of information concerning grades,
beliefs, or character which an instructor acquires in professional association with the student. Judgments of ability and
character may be provided under appropriate circumstances, normally with the consent of the student.
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