FKCC 2012-2013
Class Attendance
Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. The college reserves the right to deal anytime with individual
cases of non-attendance. Each instructor determines the effect of absences upon grades. Instructors will include the
attendance policy in their course syllabus. Arranging to make-up work missed because of legitimate class absence is the
responsibility of the student. In general, reasons that may be accepted for absence from class include: illness, serious
family emergency, special curricular requirements (e.g., field trips, professional conferences), military obligations, severe
weather conditions, religious holidays, and participation in official college-sponsored activities. Absences from class for
court-imposed legal obligations (e.g., jury duty or subpoena) must be excused. The student may offer other sound reasons
for consideration. At the instructor’s discretion, written documentation sustaining the reason for an absence may be
Developmental Program
Students who provide ACT, SAT, FCAT, PERT or CPT scores (two years current) below the scores required to enter college
level courses must enroll in developmental courses. These courses include reading comprehension, communication skills,
basic math and introduction to algebra. Enrollment in the developmental program is based on placement scores. Grades
earned in developmental courses will not count toward graduation nor will they be calculated into the grade point average;
however, they are calculated in the satisfactory progress average for financial aid purposes. Students are permitted to enroll
in developmental instruction concurrently with credit instruction in courses for which they are qualified.
Developmental Rule
Rule 6A-10.0315(14) states that students enrolled in developmental courses may be permitted to take courses concurrently
in other curriculum areas for which they are qualified. Students who test into developmental instruction must successfully
complete the required developmental studies by the time they have accumulated 12 hours of college credit course work
OR students must maintain continuous enrollment in developmental course work each semester until the requirements are
completed while at this present time performing satisfactorily in the degree earning course work. Developmental students
who are deficient in all three areas (reading, English and math) may enroll in college-level courses such as college success
courses or courses that are not dependent on college-level computation and communication skills. Upon successful
completion of remediation, students then qualify to enroll in college-level courses. For further information please contact
your Advisor.
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