FKCC 2012-2013
Associate in Science Degree
Definition: The Associate in Science degree is a career education and may be transferable. It is a sixty plus college credit
degree intended to prepare students for immediate employment in a specific occupational area and may prepare students
to transfer into the Florida State University System. The degree requires the completion of at least fifteen to eighteen credit
hours of transferable general education courses, as well as technical courses that may or may not transfer depending on
institution. The general education courses will transfer and apply toward the thirty-six hours required for the baccalaureate
degree in the Florida State University System.
Associate in Applied Science Degree Requirements
Definition: The Associate in Applied Science degree is a college-level/technical degree. Graduates are prepared for
immediate entry into the workforce and have the communications, and problem solving, and academic skills necessary to
successfully compete in the job market and advance in the workforce. The Associate in Applied Science degree provide the
same career preparation as the Associate in Science degree but is not designed as a college transfer program. The degree
may transfer to some universities under special articulation agreements between the college and the university.
College Credit Certificate
Definition: A technical certificate is a program of study of less than sixty credits of college-level technical courses that
prepares students with the opportunity for immediate employment in a specific occupational field. It generally does not
require the completion of general education courses. The certificate may be part of an Associate in Science or Associate in
Applied Science degree.
Vocational Certificate “PSAV”
Definition: A Vocational Certificate is a program of study usually one year or less consisting of a prescribed number
of vocational credits (non-college level credit). The program focuses on providing students with the specific skills for
immediate job entry. The Vocational Certificate is awarded upon completion of all vocational program courses and
demonstration of attainment of predetermined and specified performance requirements.
Applied Technology Diploma
Definition: The ATD consists of a course of study that is part of an associate in science (A.S.) or an associate in applied
science degree (A.A.S.), is less than sixty (60) credit hours, is approximately fifty (50) percent of the technical component
(non-general education), and leads to employment in a specific occupation. An applied technology diploma program may
consist of either technical credit or college credit.
Continuous Enrollment
Responsibility for meeting the requirements of the Associate in Arts degree, the Associate in Science degree, the Associate
in Applied Science degree or the Certificate, rests with the student. To maintain continuous enrollment for graduation
purposes, a student must be enrolled in at least one class for both Terms I and II. If this enrollment is not maintained, the
student has to meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of completing his/her final course.
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