Associate in Science (A.S.) - 2 YRS
These degrees are two-year programs composed of vocational and general education courses which prepare you for
careers in the areas listed below. If your primary goal after graduation is to enter the workforce, but you think that in the
future you may wish to continue your studies, this may be the degree for you.
• Business Administration
• Computer Information Technology
• Computer Programming & Analysis
• Diving Business and Technology
• Marine Engineering, Management and Seamanship
• Marine Environmental Technology
• Nursing (RN)
Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.)
University Transfer
Florida Keys Community College’s associate in arts (A.A.) transfer degree is designed for the student who plans to transfer
to a Florida public university as a junior to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students spend the first two years at FKCC, where
they prepare for hundreds of possible transfer majors, then their last two years at a university.
During their two years at FKCC, students take the same courses that they would take as a freshman or sophomore at a
university. That means a student plans his/her program of study around a planned major or career and the state university
he/she wants to attend. A student graduates with an A.A. degree from FKCC, transfers to a university, and earns a bachelor’s
degree in one of hundreds of different major areas available at the state universities.
The A.A. degree requirements include:
• 36 credit hours of general education courses and
• 24 credit hours of university transfer program courses
It is important that a student select appropriate courses in both the General Education and university transfer program
areas. A FKCC advisor can assist with course selection, or students can use the FACTS.org on-line system, as detailed in this
catalog section.
Associate In Arts Degree Transfer Programs
State Universities in Florida offer more than 200 different majors that FKCC students can pursue. Before planning a major,
students are advised to:
• speak with a FKCC advisor
• consult the catalog or the specific department at the university to which they plan to transfer to confirm
which courses they should take at FKCC
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