Diving Business and Technology
Completion of this degree will prepare students to develop, operate, and manage diving businesses such as diving
operations, retail sales and rentals, equipment repair, and SCUBA instruction. Graduates also will be qualified to work as
dive technicians for research programs, underwater inspection and maintenance, and the operation and maintenance of
diving facilities and hyperbaric chambers. A variety of diving certifications are available through agencies such as Divers
Alert Network (DAN), the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), and the American Academy of Underwater
Sciences (AAUS).
General Education Requirements (15 credits)
ENC 1101 English Composition (3)
MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)
MGF 1106 Math for Liberal Arts I (3)
STA 2023 Introduction to Probabilities & Statistics I (3)
SPC 1608 Introduction to Speech Communication (3)
Any course from Humanities/Fine Arts (Area I, Section B) (3)
Any course from Social/Behavioral Science (Area IV) (SYG 1000 Recommended) (3)
Core Requirements (47 total credits required)
Required (15 Credits)
CGS 1100 Introduction to Computer Applications (3)
ENT 1000 Entrepreneurship (3)
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
BUL 2241 Business Law (3)
MTE 1053C 2 & 4-Cycle Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance (3)
MTE 1811 Basic Seamanship (3)
OCB 1000 Introduction to Marine Biology (3)
OCE 1001 Introduction to Oceanography (3)
Fundamentals of Professional Diving Core Requirements (17 credits required)
PEN 2137C Advanced Diving Theory and Practice (3)
EMS 2081C SCUBA Rescue and Emergency Medicine (3)
PGY 1245C Underwater Photography (3)
EOC 2714C Recompression Chamber Operations (2)
EOC 2713C Breathing Gasses and Decompression Theory (3)
EMS 1344 Aquatic 1st Aid/CPR/O2 (1)
PEN 1141 SCUBA Equipment, Maintenance & Repair (2)
Electives (15 Credits required)
PEN 1136C Scuba Diving (2)
PEQ 1137C Divemaster (4)
PEQ 1136C Scuba Instructor Training (4)
1...,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75 77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,...155