FKCC 2012-2013
Neurological Assessment
Diving Emergency Management Provider
Diving Emergency Specialist
Dive Medicine 1 & 2 for Divers
Basic Life Support & First Aid
DAN Instructor
Emergency Response Diving International:
ERDI Diver 1
ERDI Diver 2
Multi-National Divers Education Association:
Commercial Scuba Diver
Diver Tender 1
Diver Tender 2
Certificate in Entrepreneurship (12 credit hours)
This program is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to start, operate, maintain,
and improve their own business. Students will develop a portfolio of assignments throughout the coursework that will
culminate in a business plan presentation to community members. To prepare for this capstone event, students will first
learn the fundamentals of the business environment. Subsequently, this knowledge will provide a foundation for students
to create a marketing plan and pro forma financial statements. Additionally, students will gain a working knowledge of
E-Commerce and related electronic business enhancement.
Sequence of courses:
GEB 1011 – Introduction to Business (3)
MAR 2011 – Principles of Marketing (3)
ACG 2021 – Financial Accounting (3)
ENT 1000 – Entrepreneurship (3)
Marine Engineering Certificate (Marine Propulsion)
This program is designed for those students who want training in marine gasoline and diesel engines without immediately
pursuing the Associate in Science degree. The certificate is issued by the Marine Engineering Department and attests to
the completion of the courses outlined below. These courses may also apply to the A.S. degree in Marine Engineering if a
student later decides on that option. Program duration is approximately one (1) calendar year.
Program Core (15 credits required)
MTE 1180C Marine Engine Installation and Repowering Procedures (3)
MTE 1400C Applied Marine Electricity (3)
MTE 1651C Gas & Electric Welding (3)
MTE 2062 Marine Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention (2)
MTE 2234C Marine Gearcase, Outdrives and Transmission System (4)
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