Elective Cluster (19 credits required)
Gasoline Engines
MTE 1053C 2 & 4-Cycle Outboard Engine Repair & Maintenance (3)
MTE 1166C Marine Ignition and Fuel Systems (3)
MTE 2072C Marine Propulsion Gasoline Engine Troubleshooting (3)
MTE 2043C Marine 4-Cycle Stern Drive Inboard Engines (3)
Diesel Engines
MTE 1001C Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul (3)
MTE 1042C Marine Diesel Systems (3)
MTE 2058C Diesel Engine Testing Troubleshooting Procedures (3)
MTE 2160C Diesel Fuel Injection Systems (3)
Total Credits Required: 34
Other Optional Certifications:
USCG Captains License
FKCCWelding Certification
Marine Mammal Behavior and Training (MMB&T)
All courses take place at Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key, FL. Each seven-day course introduces students to Dolphin
Research Center’s resident pod of dolphins and includes hands-on and in-water interactive experiences as well as classroom
seminars and workshops, live marine mammal demonstrations and observations, and discussions with expert trainers,
researchers and educators.
Course topics include, but are not limited to: marine mammal husbandry; marine mammal medical care and pathology;
behavior modification and training; anatomy; physiology; maternity; population management; habitat and maintenance;
environmental enrichment; cognitive and behavioral research methodology, design and implementation; dolphin
acoustics; and communication; marine mammal law; and conservation.
Animal experience includes but is not limited to: meal preparation; animal handling and behavior modification through
operant conditioning; animal presentation and narration delivery; cognitive research design and implementation;
behavioral observation and research; and animal enrichment design and implementation.
Course Requirements (15 credit hours)
OCB 1301 Dolphin Studies & Field Experience: Basic DolphinLab (3)
OCB 1311 Dolphin Studies & Field Experience: Marine Mammal Care & Basic Training (3)
OCB 2313 Dolphin Studies & Field Experience: Advanced Marine Mammal Training & Enrichment (3)
OCB 2310: Dolphin Studies & Field Experience: Cognitive & Behavioral Research with Marine Mammals (3)
EDG 1030 Dolphin Studies & Field Experience: Marine Mammal Education & Interpretation (3)
Total Credits Required: 15
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