FKCC 2012-2013
Criminal Justice Technology Basic Law Enforcement (BLE) Academy
Law Enforcement Officer Basic Recruit Training (Basic Law Enforcement Academy/Minimum Standards)
This program is the 770 hour Florida Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Course and meets the training requirements
of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Successful
completion of these courses is required to take the State Law Enforcement Officer Certification Examination.
Entrance Requirements:
• Compliance with the statutory requirements for law enforcement officers as set forth in Florida Statutes,
Chapter 943 (943.13).
• Sponsorship by a Florida Law Enforcement Agency
• Successful completion of the application process and acceptance by the Director, Institute of Criminal Justice,
Florida Keys Community College.
• Pass criminal history background check (Psychological, CVSA or polygraph exam, and fingerprints).
• Pass a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission approved Basic Abilities Test.
Courses offered
CJK 0007 Introduction to Law Enforcement (11 hr.)
CJK 0008 Legal (69 hr.)
CJK 0011 Human Issues (40 hr.)
CJK 0017 Communications (76 hr.)
CJK 0020C CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (48 hr.)
CJK 0031C CMS 1st aid for Criminal Justice Officers (40 hr.)
CJK 0040C CMS Criminal Justice Firearms (80 hr.)
CJK 0051 CMS Criminal Justice Defense Tactics (80 hr.)
CJK 0061 Patrol I (58 hr.)
CJK 0062 Patrol II (40 hr.)
CJK 0071 Criminal Investigations (56 hr.)
CJK 0076 Crime Scene Investigations (24 hr.)
CJK0082 Traffic Stops (24 hr.)
CJK0083 DUI Traffic Stops (24 hr.)
CJK 0086 Traffic Crash Investigations (32 hr.)
CJK 0096 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (60 hr.)
CJK 0422 Dart Firing Stun Gun (8 hr.)
TOTAL: 770 Hours
1...,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,101,...155