Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officer Academy
This program is the 319 hour Auxiliary Officer training program and meets the training requirements of the Criminal Justice
Standards and Training Commission and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This Auxiliary Basic Recruit Training
Program trains applicants for employment or appointment by criminal justice agencies to assist or aid full-time or part-time
Entrance requirements:
• Compliance with the statutory requirements for Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer as set forth in Florida Statute
Chapter 943 (943.13)
• Sponsorship by a Florida Law Enforcement Agency or
• Successful completion of the application process and acceptance by Director, Institute of Criminal Justice,
Florida Keys Community College
• Pass a criminal history background check (Psychological, CVSA or polygraph exam, and fingerprints).
• Pass a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission approved Basic Abilities Test
Courses offered:
CJK 0020C CMS Criminal Justice Vehicle Operations (48 hrs.)
CJK 0031C CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers (40 hrs.)
CJK 0040C CMS Criminal Justice Firearms (80 hrs.)
CJK 0051 CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics (80 hrs.)
CJK 0240 Law Enforcement Auxiliary Introduction (27 hrs.)
CJK 0241 Law Enforcement Auxiliary Patrol and Traffic (19 hrs)
CJK 0242 Law Enforcement Auxiliary Investigations (17 hrs.)
CJK 0422 Dart Firing Stun Gun (8 hrs.)
TOTAL: 319 Hours
Specialized Areas
Continuing Education andWorkforce
The Office of Continuing Education andWorkforce offers a wide range of non-credit classes and seminars designed to help
the individual fulfill his or her potential, both personally and professionally. Programs and classes are held throughout
Monroe County at three different convenient locations; Upper Keys Center at Coral Shores High School, Overseas HWY,
Tavernier, FL; Middle Keys Center at Marathon High School Sombrero Rd, Marathon, FL; and in Key West on the main
campus as well as at business sites.
Customized non-credit training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of business, industry and/or government
organizations may be held on-site at any business in Monroe County or any of the FKCC campuses.
Classes meet for various lengths of time and are scheduled on both weekdays and weekends, for the convenience of
students. A variety of classes are also offered for professional growth to prepare, update or refine participants’ employment
Registration is available by telephone or walk-in and pre-registration is required as classes may be limited in size. For more
information or a schedule of classes please call the Office of Continuing Education andWorkforce at (305) 809-3185.
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