FKCC 2013-2014
Students interested in attending any of the Basic Recruit Academies must contact the Institute for Public Safety at (305)-
809-3200. Applications to attend the Basic Recruit Training are available at the Institute for Public Safety in the Public Safety
Building and on our
website page.
Requirements for Non-Degree Seeking Students
A student who does not desire to enroll as a degree-seeking student but would like to earn college credit may enroll as a
non-degree seeking student. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid or VA benefits unless they are
approved transient students. Courses completed by non-degree seeking students will be entered on their transcripts as
credit courses, unless the student registers as auditing the courses.
A student enrolled in continuing education and workforce courses is also considered to be a non-degree seeking student.
The student does not need to complete an FKCC application or pay an application fee. The continuing education and
workforce courses are non-credit courses.
Entry Assessment at FKCC
All new degree-seeking students, and returning students who change to degree-seeking status, must take an approved
placement exam before registering for classes. Non-degree students are subject to placement test requirements if they
wish to enroll in communication, humanities or mathematics courses or any courses that require satisfactory placement test
scores as a course prerequisite.
Students meeting the minimum scores required for each section of the test may enroll in college-level courses in those
areas. Students must enroll in developmental courses in the areas in which the minimum scores are not met.
Results of this assessment are used in the academic advising process to help place students into proper levels of english,
reading, and mathematics courses. Contact The Office of Student Advisement and Engagement for the testing schedule at
(305) 809-3196.
Students who can provide official ACT, SAT,PERT or CPT scores taken within the past two years, or students who have
already completed English (developmental or higher) and math (developmental or higher) at another college or university
and have had their transcript(s) sent to FKCC, are not required to take the placement test. Further information concerning
the placement test is available from the Community Education, Workforce and Testing Center.
Advanced Placement Options
Acceleration of Degree Completion
Acceleration of degree completion can be achieved through national programs of credit by examinations, which include
CLEP (College Level Examination Program), EXCELSIOR (formerly PEP and Regents) and DANTES (Defense Activity of Non-
Traditional Education Support).
Credit is earned after the Registrar has evaluated the official score report and specifies the course for which credit is being
offered. Students receive credit for courses, but not letter grades, and the earned credits are not computed in grade-point
averages. Students may use CLEP, DANTES, and EXCELSIOR credit under the repeat course policy for “D” or “F” grades only;
credit will not be awarded for courses in which you have earned a “C” or better. If you earn an acceptable score in a course
in which you previously earned a “D” or “F”, the credit will be recorded and the “D” or “F” no longer will be computed in your
GPA; no letter grade or quality points will be assigned for the credit. Credits earned through CLEP, EXCELSIOR and DANTES
do not satisfy FKCC’s residency requirements for degree completion. For information regarding CLEP, please contact the
office of Community Education, Workforce, and Testing at (305) 809-3185.
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