Withdrawal and Forgiveness Rule
The following procedures relate to student withdrawal from courses and to conditions under which forgiveness of grades
earned will be granted to the student.
1. Withdrawal
The student may withdraw without academic penalty from any course by the 70 percent point in the semester. An
instructor may withdraw a student from courses for excessive absences and/or non-attendance up to the 70% point
in the semester. Withdrawals after that date will be granted only through approved college procedures.
The student will be permitted a maximum of two (2) withdrawals per course. Upon the third attempt, the student
will not be permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade for that course.
Students who drop a class before the last day to receive a refund will receive a 100% refund. (Refer to the academic
calendar for appropriate date.)
Students who do not officially withdraw will be assigned a letter grade by the instructor. The last day to officially
withdraw is listed on the academic calendar.
Students are reminded that instructors are not permitted to change the academic status of a student, i.e., award a
grade of “W” or “X” on the final roster.
2. Grade Forgiveness
A student is allowed to repeat a course only two times in order to improve a failing grade (“D” or “F”).
Only the last grade earned in a repeated course will be computed into the grade point average, provided the
last assigned grade is not a “W” (withdrawal) or an “X” (audit). However, all courses attempted will appear on the
Students should be aware that some private or out-of-state colleges and universities may not accept a repeated
course and may compute the initial grade in the grade point average. Some Florida State Universities may include
both attempts (grades) in their final computation of the grade point average.
Students may not repeat a course to improve grade point average after the awarding of the Associate in Arts and/or
the Associate in Science degrees and/or the Associate in Applied Science (per Articulation Agreement).
Courses may be repeated if they are designated as repeatable, such as choir, music or other individualized courses
of study; or if they are required to be repeated by a regulatory agency; or are being repeated as part of a regulatory
requirement for continuing education to stay current in a field, such as teacher certification.
Students receiving federal financial aid cannot repeat a course where a grade of “C” or better has been earned,
unless the catalog permits repeating a specific course for credit. A course in which a grade of “D” or “F” is received
may be repeated one time.
Students receiving VA benefits should be aware that the Veterans Administration will not pay for a repeated course
in which a grade of “D” or better has been earned, except where state rules require a minimum grade of “C”.
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