Anne O’Bannon
Anne O’Bannon is the producer and host of “The Morning Mix” radio show on WGMX FM, where she interviews guests of
local, state, and national importance relative to issues affecting our community. Originally from Pennsylvania, O’Bannon
enjoyed a successful career in technical sales support and corporate IT training, before moving to Key Colony Beach in 1990.
O’Bannon also spent several years teaching computer applications classes to employees of numerous organizations and
private businesses in Monroe County.
O’Bannon has passionately focused her energy on philanthropy and serving the community, since the sudden loss of her
husband in 2005, for whom she founded “The Captain Bill O’Bannon Memorial Scholarship” to benefit marine business
students at FKCC. Currently, she is an Ambassador of the Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce, and a Marathon Yacht
Club Rear Commodore, in addition to serving on several boards, including the FKCC Foundation, Florida Keys College
Campus Foundation, the Rotary Club of Marathon, and the City of Key Colony Beach Code Enforcement Board.
Robert Stoky
Robert Stoky is president and chair of the board of Florida Keys Restaurant Management, overseeing operations of eight
Keys restaurants.
Mr. Stoky has served as a college adjunct instructor of Emergency Medical Services and is a member of the FKCC
Foundation Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
Mr. Stoky holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communications from the University of Florida, as well as two
Master of Business Administration, in Finance and Management, from the University of Miami.
Mission and Vision
Mission Statement
Florida Keys Community College is an open-access, educational institution dedicated to serving the intellectual, diverse,
cultural, and occupational needs of the Florida Keys as well as the global community. The college is committed to
student-centric academic programs and services, workforce development, continuing education, diverse partnerships,
electronically delivered instruction, and sustainable practices that prepare students for personal success and responsible
FKCC will be a leader in quality education, innovative learning and a unifying force within the community.
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