FKCC 2013-2014
College Facilities
William A. Seeker Campus/ KeyWest Campus
5901 College Rd.
KeyWest, FL
(305) 296-9081
Florida Keys Community College’s main campus is located on Stock Island in Key West and houses the following facilities:
Campus Cafe
Campus Cafe is located in the central part of the campus and benefits the students, staff and public. The cafe is owned and
run by the Evans Family and their menu offers a large variety of choices with daily specials. Campus Cafe also offers catering
service both on and off the campus.
Campus Store
The Campus Store, located in the Ron Saunders Student Center, is operated by the college to serve the needs of the college
community. The store sells school logo apparel, office, nursing, art, and diving supplies.
Charlie ToppinoWelding Lab
This is a welding and metal workings facility for advanced instruction on marine industry welding as well as creative
welding design.
Clark Maxwell Jr. Marine Environmental Habitat and Observatory
This area features a scenic boardwalk over a mangrove fringed lagoon that leads to a pavilion. This beautiful facility
supports hands on instruction in the Marine Environmental Technology program, including facilities for marine aquaculture.
Debbie Horan Plaza & Amphitheater
This wonderful ocean-side, outdoor venue is enjoyed by students and staff during lectures, concerts and other cultural
educational activities.
ISLE: Tutor and Studying Support Service Center
The Interactive Student Learning Environment, “ISLE,” located in B206, provides studying support resources and services.
Staffed by FKCC faculty and student tutors, the “ISLE” offers individual and group tutoring sessions, space for studying, as
well as access to various studying software. It also houses the free online tutoring service, “Smart Thinking”.
James E. Lockwood, Jr., School of Diving & Underwater Technology
The James E. Lockwood Jr., School of Diving & Underwater Technology is dedicated to diving science and technology
education. Diving is a science and not merely a physical activity. The goal is to have students apply diving In other academic
disciplines, such as marine biology, underwater archaeology, marine aquaculture, underwater photography and journalism,
as well as other research areas.
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