Vocational Certificates
Addictions Studies
These courses are designed for those who are interested in attaining one of the certifications from the Florida Certification
Board to be addictions counselors or for those who have an interest in the addictions or mental health fields. There are no
prerequisites for the courses. They are open to anyone, whether or not they wish to seek certification. These courses provide
the necessary education hours to apply for the FCB exam(s) to become a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP), Certified
Addictions Counselor (CAC), or Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS). Hours within the program are divided into counseling
and addictions hours. Students interested in certification should visit
for more information.
Florida Keys Community College will award certificates of completion to students who complete 39-credit hours in the
program. For those seeking certification, the HIV and Ethics courses are required. The FCB written certification exam may
be taken after completion of the required education hours and one year experience in the mental health or addictions
field and after successful application to the FCB to register for the exam. Volunteer work may be counted towards work
experience hours. Students may select specific courses of interest to meet the required education hours for the FCB. Please
note that the college does administer the state exam but not the international. Both are given by the Florida Certification
Prerequisite Courses for Those Seeking FCB Certification (6 credits required)
HUS 1400 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (2)
HUS 1480 HIV and the Substance Abuser (1)
HUS 1500 Ethics for Addictions Counselors (3)
Career Pathway Courses (33 credits required)
HUS 1007 Introduction to Certified Addictions Professional Process (1)
HUS 1337 Overview of Client Screening, Intake, Diagnostic Assessment and Orientation (1)
HUS 1348 Overview of the Criminal Justice Approach to Chemical Dependency(1)
HUS 1400 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (2)
HUS 1415 Case Management in Human Services (3)
HUS 1421 Assessment and Treatment Planning in Addictions (2)
HUS 1422 Communication Skills Using Therapeutic Communication in Chemical Dependency (1)
HUS 1423 Group Counseling in Substance Abuse (2)
HUS 1424 Counseling the Chemically Dependent I (2)
HUS 1426 Counseling the Chemically Dependent II (2)
HUS 1440 Family Issues and the Chemically Dependent (1)
HUS 1443 Family Counseling in Addictions (1)
HUS 1444 Co-dependency (1)
HUS 1450 Dual Diagnosis - Substance Abuse and Other Mental Disorders (1)
HUS 1470 Addictions Counseling and the Law (1)
HUS 1480 HIV and the Substance Abuser (1)
HUS 1481 Multicultural Counseling in Addictions Counseling (1)
HUS 1500 Ethics for Addictions Counselors (3)
HUS 1681 Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse (2)
HUS 2019 Stress Management (2)
HUS 2303 Counseling Theory (3)
HUS 2320 Introduction to Crisis Intervention (3)
HUS 2430 Overview of Drug and Alcohol Prevention (1)
HUS 2451 Managing Depression and Suicide (1)
HUS 2460 Relapse Prevention (1)
HUS 2461 Men’s/Women’s Issues in Recovery (1)
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