Nursing and Allied Health
The FKCC nursing program, approved by the Florida
Board of Nursing, is designed to provide individuals
with the intellectual and technical competence
necessary to deliver quality care as registered nurses
in the diverse healthcare delivery system of today’s
society. FKCC’s instructional staff are dedicated to
working collaboratively with students to promote
achievement of individual academic success and
enter the field of nursing as qualified clinicians.
Associate in Science Degree in Nursing
is awarded upon completion of the twenty-two
month generic RN program. The FKCC nursing
program graduate is then eligible to apply for the
state licensing exam. Successful completion of the
NCLEX-RN exam grants licensure for an individual to
work within the established guidelines as defined
by the scope of practice for a registered nurse. FKCC
proudly boasts that 100% of the graduates of the last
several nursing classes passed the NCLEX-RN.
Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate
students for the Florida licensing examination to
become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Completers
will be set to fill entry level positions in the healthcare
Addictions Studies Certificate
students for the Florida Certification Board (FCB)
exam. Passage of the FCB exam allows you to work
as a Certified Addictions Professional or Certified
Associate Addictions Professional.
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Medical Technician
program equips
students with the skills, experience, and confidence to
become a hero. In just one semester of study, students
will have the foundation that will enable them to make
critical split-second decisions during any basic medical or
traumatic crisis. Students who successfully complete all
requirements will earn an
Applied Technology Diploma
and will be eligible to take the certification examination to
become an Emergency Medical Technician- Basic (EMT-B).
Students entering the program must have completed a
First Responder for Medical Professionals (EMS 1059C) or
be a registered nurse or physician. EMS 1059C is offered
each Fall term at FKCC.
The EMT-B program is designed for both individuals who
wish to pursue a career in EMS as well as professionals
who currently work in emergency care, such as firefighters,
law enforcement officers, volunteer rescue personnel, and
As an EMT-B, you may find employment in agencies such
as city/county EMS systems, private ambulance services,
hospitals, clinics, fire departments, air ambulance services,
and hyperbaric chamber treatment centers. In the state of
Florida, a licensed physician, dentist, or registered nurse
may apply for certification as a paramedic and challenge
the paramedic examination provided he/she holds an EMT
certificate, which is current and in good standing.
For more information call the Department of Nursing and
Allied Health at 305-809-3268 or email
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