PGY 1401C - Introduction to Creative Black andWhite Photography
4.000 Credits
An introduction to the camera, its mechanics and use. Initial instruction in black and white darkroom techniques,
including film development and printing. Student is required to complete a series of photographic assignments with
emphasis on creativity and technique. Adjustable camera required.
PGY 1404C - Intermediate Creative Black andWhite Photography
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: PGY 1401C CR C * or PGY 1401C CR X
This course addresses aesthetic and technical concerns in black and white photography. Instruction includes darkroom
experimentation with papers, toners, and films and hand coloring. Students are required to complete a series of technical
photographic assignments. A 35 mm adjustable camera is required.
PGY 1405C - Advanced Creative Black andWhite Photography
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: PGY 1404C CR C
This course introduces the student to advanced black and white film exposure and printing techniques through the use
of the Zone System. Students systemize their approach to black and white photography. An adjustable camera and tripod
are required and a handheld light meter is strongly recommended.
PGY 1800C - Digital Camerawork
3.000 Credits
A basic introduction to the principles underlying both digital and traditional photography. This course is formulated to
develop aesthetic, technical and conceptual skills with the digital camera. Access to a digital camera is required.
PGY 2247C - Advanced Underwater Photography
4.000 Credits
Prerequisites: PGY 1245C CR C
This course is not ordinarily counted in the Associate in Arts degree. Techniques in the use of macro, wide angle lens,
strobe fill, night, and use of available light for creative purposes.
PHI 1103 - Critical Thinking
3.000 Credits
Within this course, students will have the opportunity to learn, develop, apply, and evaluate critical thinking strategies.
Included in these strategies will be examining assumptions, questioning Socratically, analyzing experiences, and evaluating
perspectives. These strategies will be applied to a number of real life situations.
PHI 2010 - Introduction to Philosophy
3.000 Credits
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 CR C or ( A03 018 and A01 017 ) or ( CPTR 083 and CPTL 083 ) or S01 440 or FCTR 355 or
( PRTR 104 and PRTL 099 )
An introductory, undergraduate course that focuses on an examination of basic problems of philosophy. Includes a
6,000 word writing requirement.
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