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Online, Hybrid, and Technology-Enhanced Courses
The term“Virtual Campus” at FKCC refers to the college’s
method of instruction delivered through technology.
Courses offered through the Virtual Campus are offered
in a way that the student and the instructor do not
always need to be in the same place and/or at the same
time in order for teaching and learning to occur.
Types of Virtual Courses
courses can be taken with few or no
campus visits and use one or many different types of
technology for remote delivery of course materials.
At least 80% of the instruction is completed with
the student separated from the instructor by either
location, time or both.
courses are a combination of web-based
and face-to-face classroom instruction. A range
of 30% to 79% of the course is completed online.
These courses have a definite on-campus meeting
schedule, in addition to online activities.
courses meet in a
traditional classroom setting but have resources,
activities and assessments available online. No more
than 29% of the total number of class meetings can
be held online for this category.
Are you ready for Online Learning?
Taking an online class requires advanced study habits,
learning styles, technical skills and motivation to
succeed that some traditional classes may not. Before
you register for an online course, you must make
sure online learning is right for you.
If you have never taken an online course but are
interested, login into your D2L account, look under
My FKCC Courses” and work through the D2L Student
Orientation. This overview will help you decide if this
type of learning format is for you.
Log In Instructions
Complete information concerning online learning
at FKCC can be found on the college website under
Virtual Campus.” If you have decided that online
learning is right for you and have registered for an
Online,” “Hybrid” or “Technology Enhanced“ course at
FKCC, part or all of your course will take place online
using the college’s online learning management system,
Desire2Learn (D2L).
Once you have registered in the class (may take up to
hours) you will be able to log in to D2L anytime and
anywhere after the class start date at
the Desire2Learn homepage. Your
firstname.lastname is your login and the last four digits
of your social security number is your password.
D2L Student Orientation
For an online student orientation to D2L, log into
Desire2Learn, and click on the link “D2L Student
Orientation” under “My FKCC Courses.”
This orientation is also available in the content area
of your course in D2L. Please keep in mind that you
may need to complete this orientation before your
course content will appear. If you’ve already taken the
orientation, you do not need to take it again. Simply click
on the link of the orientation in the content area of your
course and your course content will appear once you
return to the content area.
Computer System Requirements
Students must have access to a computer and an
Internet service provider to access courses in order to
interact with the instructor and classmates.
The teacher is still, and will always be, the most
important resource in the virtual classroom. The Internet
is simply another tool that a teacher can use to improve
and enhance instruction.
To access the latest list of hardware and software
requirements for online learning at FKCC, go to the FKCC
and access the Distance
Learning listing on the left side of the screen.
Online Learning Technical Support
Technical support for anyone using Desire2Learn is
available through the Office of Distance Learning,
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may
contact D2L Technical Support at 305-809-3177 or email