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MyFKCC is a secure website where students can access all online services from one convenient location. Through the
myFKCC, you are able to:
Communicate with instructors and classmates via email
Register for classes
Check courses
Check status or apply for financial aid
Order from the bookstore
Check grades
Access online learning (D2L) classes
Access myFKCC through FKCC’s website
The secure access log in user name (typically FirstName.LastName) can be obtained by navigating to
edu and using the “myFKCC Username Lookup” tool. The password for first-time users is your six digit birth date,
mmddyy. For example if your birthday is December 31, 1993, then you would enter 123193. First-time users are also
required to change the default password immediately upon login, and set up security questions and answers. This
will allow password resets when needed.
Once you have your log in credentials, you may go to
to log in into myFKCC.
FKCC Email Policy
Email is considered the official method for communicating with FKCC students, faculty and staff. The college
expects that email communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. This policy establishes the
college’s expectations that faculty and staff will routinely communicate important information to students using the
established FKCC email system.
All students enrolled at FKCC are provided an official FKCC student email account -
Students are expected to check their FKCC email account on a frequent basis in order to remain informed of course-
related communications. It is recommended that students check email accounts daily. Students are responsible for
the consequences of not reading course-related email communications in a timely fashion.
All use of email will be consistent with other FKCC policies, as previously stated, and as stated in the FKCC Student
If students need any assistance, please the IT Help Desk at (305) 809-3135.
FKCC’s Information Portal
Access your FKCC email and more!